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You should definitely chose us because we take tome and follow the simple guidelines to build great essays, term papers and research papers according to your needs the qualities include:

Small volume.

Of course, when creativity is in its full flow, you want to write without stopping, but the first sign of what is a good essay is precisely its compact volume.
Here you need to explain your opinion about the subject matter of the topic clearly, concisely and with specific arguments that will support your opinion. Avoid arguing about your statements, because it will confuse you and the reader and negate all the work on the arguments.

Specific topic and your subjective opinion.

It does not happen that the essay has several different thoughts and topics. This is what distinguishes it from other types of paper works. The subject of the essay is always specific.
Your arguments and subjective opinion should be the same. The purpose of your work is to convince the reader that your opinion is true, backed by strong facts, and is consistent throughout the work.

Free composition.

What does it mean? The essay has no specific writing rules. Yes, of course, there is a certain structure that distinguishes this type of work from others, but the essay composition itself is free.
If you are not sure where to start or how to write an essay at all, try to find free essays online by contacting our professionals. They will provide you with free college essays.
Do not use too long sentences or try to surprise the reader with difficult terms and strange words, especially if you are not sure about their meaning. On the contrary, your main task here is to engage the reader and make contact with him through the text.

The ease.

As we have already written, the author needs to establish contact with the reader.
The sentences and arguments that you will use in your work should be specific but not written in strict form. You should choose the point of support of your arguments, the main opinion, and stick to it throughout the work.
Sometimes arguments have to be more specific and sometimes unobtrusively described in the body of the essay.
You should try to provide information as if “by the way” so that the reader feels like you are referring to him through the text and want to explain your impressions specifically to him. Contact with the reader is very important in this form of writing.

The paradox.

One of the most important qualities of an essay is that it should surprise the reader. You should use some strong phrases or quotes that will support your argument throughout the work.
The advantage will be on your side if you use paradoxical definitions or phenomena, which will appear at the same time as indisputable but also mutually exclusive statements. Feel free to use abstracts and aphorisms.

Meaningful unity.

This is probably the only paradox of the genre (not including the point written above). Why? Because the essay must be subjective, it must have a free composition and characteristics, but at the same time, it must have an internal semantic unity.
Actually, this is about supporting the same opinion, which you will support with different thesis and statements. All of them should bring the idea of ​​the essay to one specific conclusion, that is your opinion. Your personal opinion should be expressed and supported here.

Use of simple language.

Your essay can be written in any form, but at the same time, it is not necessary, or better to say, you cannot use slang, shortening words, light-hearted tone, using strange abbreviations and formulaic phrases. Do not forget that this is a serious piece of work with specific arguments, and not an arbitrary letter to a friend.


You should submit information in such a way as to persuade the reader to adopt the same position he supports in his work. The author should not use aggressive words, but his arguments should be specific and it should be considered that they are indisputable.

good essay qualities

Use an element of surprise.

To make your essay memorable, do not be afraid to use catchy phrases, loud quotes, and unexpected arguments. This will definitely arouse emotions in the reader and your essay will be remembered. The main thing is that the used arguments are not aggressive, they do not contradict your basic opinion and are not written in the rough language.

The logic of presentation.

Again, despite the free composition, the essay must have internal unity, the coherence of the author’s statements that express his opinion.


Because the rules of writing an essay are rather conditional, the author has the opportunity to fully indulge in his own creative potential and use various interesting methods for writing this genre of paperwork.
The main thing to remember is that your thoughts and arguments should be united and should interest the reader not only to read your work but also to take your side.

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