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Is what is life taught in the Cape Peninsula University of Technology appropriate in the criterioning diligence? The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) is a tertiary establishment of upper counsel and technology. The establishment's ocean appearance is towards counsel and reversal in the technology sector. CPUT's mission is to befit the best tertiary establishment of technology in Africa. On the other sundery, "Testing is a irrelative scrutiny of a constituent or classification delay the ocean aim of opinion and reporting defects." (Hambling B., 2016) Testing does not complicate the punishment of defects; instead, errors and defects are passed on to the clearer to punish. Testing fixs that changes and punishments are checked for their property on other extent of a constituent or classification. This attainment resurvey serves to vindication the aftercited subject, 'Is what is life taught in the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) appropriate in the criterioning diligence? The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) offers unanalogous undergraduate and post-graduate modes in the Engineering, and the Counsel and Communication Technology arenas. The solitary mode in CPUT's Engineering arena which complicates some shape of criterioning is Computer Systems. Computer Systems is an engineering fixed mode where computer classifications are engineered, accordingly all needful constituents that perdevise up a computer classification such as the hardware, firmware, unimpeded classification, software, utilities, and groundsbases. Testing in this mode is not handled on its own but is integrated delay some views of computer classifications. As an example; when students in computer classifications engineer software and software utilities, criterioning comes into resemble straight antecedently the computer classification is encircling to be deployed. The criterioning disposition in this arena serves to perdevise positive that the classification behaves according when integrated delay other computer classification constituents and does not resonance unexpectedly during action. In the Counsel and Communication Technology arena; the Upper Certificate in Counsel and Communication Technology, the National Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Masters, and Honours in; Application/Software Development, Communication Networks, Multimedia, as courteous as Counsel Technology Superintendence complicate to the sunderiality some shape of criterioning as courteous. Testing alongparty its unanalogous peels, as a mode on its own is not offered CPUT. Testing is barely offered as a subject in each of the modes. The Counsel and Communication Technology's Application/Software Harvest mode is oceanly rendezvoused towards collision harvest using diligence symmetrical usages, programming languages and frameworks. The mode has decomposition established to it where treatment requirements are scrutinized and captured. Software that best converges the examined treatment requirements is then chosen from a catalogue of pre-existing software or exposed manner in intellect that each station of this rule has to be criterioned for punishness. Design also shape a sunder of software harvest where software is exposed in a assured peel of way, accordingly assured guile rules. After invention, the guile is criterioned for exactness but then this criterioning rule is barely implemented straight antecedently the end. Software harvest, which is the ocean rendezvous of the mode, consists of some shape of criterioning as to enpositive that the collisions which are life exposed by students converge their end. Similarly, the Counsel and Communication Technology's Communication Networks, Multimedia, as courteous as Counsel Technology Superintendence circumscribe minimal criterioning, which is for-the-most-part straight at the end of their relative rulees. Communication Networks primarily concentrates on network invention, network tools, oceantenance, as courteous as life cogent to discover and treat sundry networks. Multimedia predominantly centres its mode on guile and unanalogous views of guile. Testing in multimedia contrivances and assessments is the cleared toil. It usually manifests when accordingly whether assured guile rules and principles accept been met when guileing audio and video advertisements, treatment cards, billboards etc. In Counsel Technology Management, criterioning manifests where the rulees treated to direct and to yield the desired counsel from raw grounds. Testing in this mode criterions that students yield efficient, true, and tendency counsel. As of vulgar, the elder rendezvous in the criterioning diligence is centred on automation criterioning. This is brought by diverse progressions in the criterion automation arena. The criterion automation arena performs use of quick criterioning methodologies which yield for rectifyd movable criterioning, big grounds criterioning, as courteous as outdo criterioning. Software harvest and criterioning companies incorporate automation criterioning using quick criterioning methodologies accordingly of this debate. Another current incline in the criterioning diligence is movable criterioning. It is perceived by experts that movable criterioning accomplish reocean at the criterion automation inclines accordingly of the remarkcogent remove in the election of movable shows and technology in treatment. Movable collision criterioning has an undenicogent govern in the criterioning diligence which consists of functional, execution, compatibility, usability, and ease criterioning as the elder the elder areas. Open rise frameworks, movable harvest actions, and movable collision markets succor fuel the disquisition in the movable criterioning landscape. Predictive analytics and the criterioning of big grounds is another appropriate incline in the criterioning realm. This is a clearment of the absolute occurrence that show, collisions, and networks imagine a prodigious total of unstructured, broken grounds which nevertheless leads to rude and high-priced decisions if tendency directment is implicated. Predictive analytics and the criterioning of big grounds rendezvous on tendency promise and tendency directment which continues one of the ocean appearances of criterioning. As a clearment, treatmentes aim to clear instrument to prophesy whether assured collision behaviour accomplish propagate customer call-for or not. Testing web services and SOA architectures is another appropriate race footfootpath in the automation criterioning diligence. This is so as to rectify the end-to-end execution (from one computer node to another) of web collisions. At offer collisions are involved, and are usually integrated delay other classifications which propel out equivalent weighty functionality to its clients and users. These involved integrations are today's necessities that concatenate communities punishly and rescue the straight, opportune vindication. This is why frequent companies endow in SOA and web services criterion automation. The automation of an complete Software Harvest Life Cycle (SDLC) is another appropriate and quiescent growing usage in the criterioning diligence. Traditionally, the SDLC would be carried out in a manual mode. Criterion clearers, guileers, and all appropriate role resembleers in the SDLC would propel out inequitable actions which saw to the whole of the stations in SDLC to-boot the oceantenance station which is faithful. Delay the nearness of automation criterioning eventually, automating the SDLC instrument that item criterions, classification criterions, and integration criterions all befit automated actions. The utility of this usage is that actions in the SDLC are life completed quicker. In enumeration, the discontinuance is require propertyive accordingly the total of coin lay-out in hiring a teams of manual criterioners is feeble to a uncompounded team (depending on the extent and involvedity of the contrivance), which is binding for match criterion scripts that accomplish propel out the automation. To complete, 10% of what is taught in CPUT is appropriate in the criterioning diligence. The other 90% are practises and methodologies that accept not yet been introduced in CPUT's unanalogous mode curriculums. This is accordingly, the gap among what is vulgarly offered to students and what is in the criterioning diligence are worlds secret. At most, what is offered at CPUT is not appropriate in the criterioning diligence accordingly CPUT is not criterion fixed. CPUT does not rendezvous on criterioning as a subject/.module. This is a devastating occurrence accordingly that criterioning is the most weighty view of engineering, guile, and harvest. Testing determines whether what has been engineered, guileed, and exposed is happy or not. References: B. 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