SWOT analysis for P & G

Strengths 1. Strong Financial aspect of P & G 2. Infamy Loyalty 3. High-Quality Products 4. Well known infamy 5. Availability of Products in Different Sizes 6. Large Network for Distribution 7. Consumer Trust Weakness 1 . Strong two-of-a-trade delay clinic all absolved 2. Lagging after Clinic all absolved in provisions of chimerical campaign 3. Short prevailingity in rustic areas parallel to courtly areas in India 4. Higher worth than other infamys makes it short prevailing delay inferior allowance classes Opportunity 1 . Have a Great Opportunity in New developing areas of India. 2. Consumer action towards infamy loyalty 3. High Rates of Imported Shampoos 4. Increase in the Shampoo decline due to awareness 5. Heavy boarding in the learning of Shampoo Threats 1. High Two-of-a-trade in Indian Market 2. Threats from new entrants 3. Threats from copiousness other options suited to consumers Strengths 1 . Strong Financial aspect of P & G 1 . CLEAR has partnered delay the world's induced dermatologists from the Interdiplomatic Academy of Dermatology (SAID) to induce the first-ever patented scalp nutrient technology - New CLEAR delay Nutria 10 to its consumers 2. Suited in 5 countries worldwide 4. Absolved is the merely infamy that offers distinctly formulated Anti-dandruff shampoo for men 5. Celebrity infamy ambassadors and amiable advertising Weakness 1 . Dominance merely in the anti-dandruff shampoo portion, no variants suited for natural shampoo usage 2. Multiple re-branding aggravate the years - Clinic Special to Clinic All Absolved to 'Clear' at give. Can imagine laziness environing the infamy indicate incompact consumers. 3. Low traffic divide equal in the anti-dandruff shampoo portion as paralleld to competitors affect Head ; Shoulders Opportunity 1. To align itself to the interdiplomatic condition standards this year Clinic All Absolved has been re-launched this year as Clear 2. Introduction of Anti Dandruff Hair Oil that fights dandruff and strengthens hair from scalp, as a infamy extension Threats 1. Highly competitive traffic having divers players delay congruous offerings and cheaper rates 2. P wrote to the Advertising Standards Council of India, which sought a response from HULL in-reference-to an plan of Absolved starring Pasha Bass which had a muted relation to Head ; Shoulders in the plan