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The theme of this purpose is: Technology and criminology


Part 1: Intimation summaries

What is your purpose theme? Describe your inequitableation of technology as it relates to your purpose theme. In other control, what donation of technology succeed you be examining in association to your theme? (1-2 paragraphs)

What donation of the gregarious sciences impression or edify your theme? Explain how this theme edifys what you are examining. (1-2 paragraphs)

Create a intimation catalogue of at meanest 5 skilled founts that you succeed use in your donation. References should use APA format (6th edition). 

For this bisect of the applied purpose, you succeed use resources such as Google Scholar to: 

· Locate 5 skilled or likely founts on your clarified theme

· Locate at meanest 1 proviso that orationes your theme from the perspective of a divergent country or culture

· Locate at meanest 1 proviso connected to plan (i.e. what policies hold, are nature considered, or are needed to oration your result)

What is a skilled or likely fount? For this purpose trust on founts that entertain accuracy. Appropriate founts would be provisos written by experts in the opportunity, provisos root in peer-reviewed journals, published instruments from well-known scrutiny groups  (e.g. Pew Research), and declarations published by empire agencies (e.g. NIH, CDC). Inappropriate founts would include general websites (e.g.,, Wikipedia) or resources outlets (e.g. Fox, MSNBC, WSJ, NY Times, Forbes, etc.). These founts do not constantly accurately declaration their findings and are sometimes apt to bias. If a website or proviso fails to declaration the credentials of the composer and does not procure citations for the edifyation contained in the proviso, chances are it is not a skilled fount and for-this-reason should not be used. 

Submit a analysis of each proviso using the worksheet that follows. In your own control, establish the key findings of the proviso. Do not singly say what the proviso was encircling (e.g. "This proviso talks encircling cyberbullying."). What inequiconsultation edifyation did you attain from your fount? (e.g. "Cyberbullying has befit a general instrument of abuse floating teenagers, important encircling half of all girlish inhabitants."). Your summaries should be 2-3 paragraphs in extension. Do NOT singly vision and paste the conceptional or any other bisect of any fount! This is plagiarism. 

Use and perfect the worksheet consultation in the robust instrument for this bisect of the purpose. 

Thank you for your span and importance.