Business communication test | Social Science homework help


Question 1


Which of the aftercited is a inquiry that you deficiency to exculpation to victoryfully dissect your reception?  


A. What is the ocean sympathy of the bestowal?     


B. Who are the key players?  


 C. Succeed I be established and giveing the slides?      


D. How promptly can I exhaustive the bestowal?     




Question 2


The inquiry-and-exculpation cabinet delay the reception during your bestowal __________ 


A. succors you raise your accuracy by demonstrating your expertise and openness 


B. does not admit you to turn or discourse your reception's criticism          


C. undermines and trivializes the essential compressiveness of your bestowal        


D. does not admit you to emphasize and dilate on essential objects          




Question 3


For most matter bestowals, the ocean intimation should __________.


A. not involve a breach to the total discussed in the bestowal        


B. administer your reception to the planned end        


C. not highlight what the reception succeed effect from the bestowal  


D. capture the giveer's rather than the reception's object of view       




Question 4


Rosie involves constructive extract of her discourse for a bestowal on slides so that she can use it as her "speaking script." This is __________.


A. a good-natured-natured-natured notion, as this succeed yield her the fluency required for the bestowal         


B. a good-natured-natured-natured notion, as stainhither spaces on slides are undesirable     


C. a weak notion, accordingly this layout succeed let the reception perceive what she is going to say in advance


D. a weak notion, past the reception can retain further if the slides comprise hither information   




Question 5


A slide subdue __________




A. is a message courseing tool  


B. enforces composition in your visual elements        


C. saves you occasion but runs the promote of loose makeatting          


D. is profitable as it admits you to cut and paste the makeatting from one slide to the next      




Question 6


Which of the aftercited would be the most powerful way to prepare a bestowal on implementing a new trailing program?  


A. Our general trailing order is not up to par.        


B. Are you certified that our trailing order is outdated?       


 C. Three out of five employees are not sufficiently compliant for their jobs by our general trailing order.           


D. Trailing is very essential to the victory of our union.           




Question 7


The further peculiar your concrete, __________


A. the further occasion it succeed capture to make an powerful bestowal       


 B. the longer your bestowal succeed deficiency to be to be powerful        


 C. the easier it succeed be to make an powerful bestowal    


D. the hither modest your bestowal succeed be        




Question 8


__________ succor you see the big delineate of a bestowal anteriorly you get too implicated delay creating single slides.


A. Animations


 B. Storyboards          


 C. Slide accoutres           


 D. Intimation headlines           




Question 9


Dexter is concedeing a bestowal on a new object that is perceived as promotey by some members of his reception. He opens his bestowal delay the aftercited messages: "Nothing ventured, rush effected." This is an pattern of capturing observation by __________.




A. stating a fact         


B. subject-mattered an anecdote


C. quoting a common saying   


  D. sharing a secret




Question 10


Your companion Anita previews for you the slides she maked for an upcoming bestowal. You mark that she used slide animations on approximately complete slide. What information would you yield her?


A. Animations are attractive and should be used anywhere practicable on your slides.


 B. Animation should be used singly to unveil bullet objects one at a occasion.     


 C. Animation is promoted singly when it succors your reception to rectify perceive your object.    


 D. Animation trivializes your concepts and should not be used in important bestowals.   




Question 11


If a slide accoutre makes "stand-alone consciousness," then it instrument that the slide accoutre __________.


A. is plain singly by those race who bear previous perceiveledge of the topic 


 B. involves complete message the giveer plans to say    


 C. requires sustaining instruments approve handouts for it to be implicit     


 D. can be implicit by anyone who reads it delayout the use of the giveer




Question 12


Jane deficiencys to make a bestowal to advise her co-workers how to operation delay a new database order. This instrument that her bestowal succeed be __________.


A. informational         


 B. modest 


C. instructional           


D. collaborative




Question 13


When you concede a matter bestowal, __________




A. you are poor to singly one medium         


B. you should never embed video or audio files delay your slides     


C. mixing various resources is not recommended, as this succeed approvely disorder your reception     


 D. you can join multiple options to best work-for your object, satisfied, and enhancement       




Question 14


Starting a bestowal delay a(n. __________ can be promotey.


A. anecdote    


B. quotation   


 C. inquiry    


D. statistic      




Question 15


The primeval step in the course of subtle slide bestowals is __________.


A. organizing the satisfied      


B. developing a template       


C. identifying the fashion of bestowal          


D. creating a storyboard        






Question 16


Which of the aftercited guidelines should be followed for creating a template that supports powerful visual despatch?




A. Avoid templates delay decorative, nonfunctional graphics.          


B. Use greatly rich symbols as bullets.       


 C. Avoid including slide collection.   


D. Use ceremonious hue gradations on backgrounds.   




Question 17


Which of the aftercited is a appearance of the gap of a bestowal?


   A. establishing rapport delay the reception  


B. analyzing the requirements of the reception          


C. identifying the tools that succeed be deficiencyed during the bestowal


D. visualizing the end of the bestowal         




Question 18


Which of the aftercited resources is most mismisappropriate if you nonproduction to promote your reception to collaborate, interact, and make satisfied?


A. slides         


B. podcasts    


C. video conferences 


D. flipcharts   




Question 19


Which of the aftercited statements is penny in-reference-to the use of a instrument camera during a bestowal?


A. It promotes the reception to collaborate, interact, and make satisfied.  


B. It succors delay communicating intricate esthetic that race deficiency to appear at carefully.     


C. It is used for giveing to a far reception unrestricted by computer technology.         


D. It can be used to portion-out satisfied that is not in electronic make.      




Question 20


Which of the aftercited is considered divorce of analyzing your enhancement?


A. Who are the key players?  


B. What are the deficiencys of your reception?      


C. Succeed you be using your own computer to give slides?  


D. How far do you deficiency to instigate your reception anteriorly they act?