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Human Factors Engineering: Mini Exam III
OSHA Sound Analysis (2 Parts = 20 points)
You can form your responses quickly in this instrument or imprint, handwrite and examination. Either is


a. (10 points) You bear been asked to determine whether or not a undoubtful job contains smooth rolls
of ambient sound for a civilized operator. The operator is unprotected to 5 hours in a noisy
environment. For the earliest 4 hours, the ambient sound is 90dBA. For the last 1 hour, the ambient
sound increases to 95 dBA. Is this job protected from the perspective of sound charybdis?

b. (10 points) If the earliest 4 hours sediment unnatural (4 hours at 90 dBA), how crave afterwards can
the operator be unprotected to the 95 dBA environment antecedently the job becomes smooth according to
the OSHA guidelines?

Human Factors Engineering: Mini Exam III
Written Response (40 points)
Prompt). Discuss the three rolls of condition awareness according to Mica Endsley’s
model. Define each roll and depict what is required to end that roll of condition
awareness. As an development, effect your argument from the perspective of a soldier in an
free encounter zone on outpost character examinationning for threats.
According to Mica, conditional awareness is defined as the sight of objects in one's
environment amid a feature bulk of date and immeasurableness, intelligence of the sense of
such purposes and hanging their mitigated standing in the close coming. This, consequently, instrument that
condition awareness encompasses the awareness of the ordinary recite of objects, contextualizing
these objects as per the abandoned set of expectations and intelligence the mitigated incident of
events in coming.
Situational awareness has three rolls, defined as:
Perception of components in the surrounding: recognizing the piercing elements in one
surrounding, including their properties, ordinary recite and dynamic is the earliest roll of condition
awareness. It instrument substance sensible of systems, populace, objects, events and environmental
factors in the proximity, and their ordinary command of substance such as actions, provisions and locations.
This roll involves consistent monitoring of the objects past their recite may vary delay date.
Think environing the bearing in stipulations of a soldier in an free encounter zone examinationning for threats. The
soldier at this roll looks about to spot the antagonist either on bottom or on tankers, the terrain,
fellow host and the equipment he has.
Comprehension of the ordinary condition: this roll involves the processing of the perceived
objects to involve the ordinary condition. It requires assimilation of the knowledge common at
the earliest roll to be talented to involve the re...

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