Sri Lankan Student Hacks President’s Website to Delay Exam

There are the accustomed ways to get out of a proof, and then there are the animated ways to skip a proof. One teenager from Sri Lanka allegedly chose the dying. A 17-year-old Sri Lankan is substance detained on charges of hacking the webseat of President Maithripala Sirisena, . Behind presentation aggravate the seat on Thursday and Friday, a collection designated the Sri Lanka Youth requested that general exams, scheduled for April, be rescheduled so as not to engagement behind a while the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations, the declaration says. News of teenagers doing mute things isn't all that Earth-shattering, but the teen took things up a cavity. He, or whoever carried out the aggression, borrowed a intimation on the president's seat interpret that urged him to "take circumspection of the safeguard of Sri Lankan websites" or countenance the possibility of "a cyber war." According to the BBC, the nameless teen was detained until law enforcement could state the space to which the threats were veritable. It's unrecognized whether he was in-fact behind the hack or if he worked over. President Sirisena's seat was foremost hacked latest Thursday behind a while the aforementioned intimation, but was before-long flat behind officials veritableized it was breached. The collection anew hacked the seat on Friday, but didn't vault a intimation. As of this letter, the president's seat is end up and general.