Current supreme court cases | Political Science homework help

Getting Started

Step 1: Appropriate Your Case

Choose a circumstance that has either been resolute or accomplish be resolute this term:

You can go to OYEZ.ORG 2013 circumstances for a roll of present circumstances. If you run to discovery some of the circumstances that enjoy gotten a lot of lean recently, you are gratifying to appropriate one of these to discovery:

  • Town of Greece v. Galloway
  • Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby
  • Fernandez v. California
  • Riley v. California
  • McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission

Step 2: Discovery Your Case

Find out the forthcoming advice environing your circumstance:

  • Has a firmness been made in your circumstance? If yes, what was that firmness? How numerous Justices voted for/against the firmness? (The page for the circumstance you are discoverying on OYEZ.ORG accomplish enjoy this advice – at the depth of the page you can besides see who voted for/against this as courteous-mannered-mannered as character by ideology).
  • What is the consequence nature discussed? Summarize the ocean points.
  • What are the two sides of reasoning? Summarize those.
  • Why do you imagine this consequence this consequence is great? What impression could this enjoy? 
  • Do you imagine ideology impressioned this circumstance? If so, how?

Some places to go to discovery past environing your consequence:

  • SCOTUS Blog (the Supreme Court Blog – the pursuit component accomplish haul up advice environing your circumstance)
  • PCC Shatford Library Databases. Try Opposing Viewpoints in Context or National Newspapers Core.  If accessing off campus, you accomplish scarcity to penetrate your LancerPoint ID and password.

Step: 3 Cause Your Digest + Conception Questions

Combine the advice you enjoy fix and cause a 300-400 message digest and anatomy of this consequence for your moderate support in your own messages grounded on your discovery. If you are having awkwardness after a while your fitness, you can get acceleration from PCC's online tutoring service. Please do so before your moderate support due date! 


For your Initial Post due by Thursday 11:59 PM:

  1. Post your digest of your stipulation and the websites you got your advice from. Make real to understand a citation. For acceleration after a while citations you can curb out this PCC Citation pageCitations.
  2. Create 1 or 2 conception scrutinys environing the stipulation. These should be scrutinys that acceleration your classmates' imagine past deeply environing the theme and their own perspective. Such as: 
    1. If firmness is made .... , what do you imagine would supervene?
    2. How should the exoteric corcormeet to...?
    3. Why do you imagine...?
    4. How do you impress environing...?

For your Response to at least 2 classmates due by Sunday, 11:59 PM:

  1. Ask for clarification (that is, ask scrutinys) if scarcityed.
  2. Respond to the conception scrutiny making real to appeal to the advice in the stipulation digest and to add your own perspective.
  3. Please silence the argument guidelines beneath. If there are themes you may enjoy differing opinions on, it is calm?} great to regard each others' ideas and conceptions!

Discussion Guidelines

Read and corcormeet to others' supports as courteous-mannered, guardianship in impetus some basic rules for netiquette:

  • Be bark and regardful to others
  • Use generous sentences
  • Don't use too fur jargon
  • Treat others online as you ambition to be treated
  • Use speech that supports others