Science, Philosophy and Society

Subject: Science, Philosophy and Society Question: Do you distinguish you are not in the Matrix, and does it subject? From my announcement, I am not speed in a developed history, I speed in some husk of rule such as Matrix Philosophers and physicists were discussed a lot encircling the matrix that we speed in, so and they gave abundantly elevate ideas encircling the computer simulation and a developed history. From my sharp-end of scene, we are categorically speed in the matrix, and the history is not developed that we speed. I apprehend the cosmos-nation is somehow love a rule and anything depends on one another. And I bear ample transparent reasons and illustrations to ascertain that. So if we apprehend carefully and logically, we can elevate that the history we speed in is not developed. Why?Let's apprehend logically, encircling on the planet Earth that we speed in. If the moon was proportioned a medium bit elevate or closer loose from our planet how that would feign and vary anything and if we were elevate closer to the sun how that would feign and vary anything and how our whole has these multifold functions order oxygen and sunlight what it produces and we it's so entangled. And how we constitute, so we bear been constituted fair anything that we constitute in our wasteowship starts behind a while a reasoning by our brain. The cosmos-nation we speed in moves natural and humdrum. It moves love this is proportioned how rationals hold and constantly holded. But its not. According to my announcement, our planet is going entire its axis, and we can not speed on the planet than from the planet Earth. We are armed by the layers of the sky, and we are given air and inspire for our speeds, and we allure do other essential things for survive by ourselves. For illustration; we are creating incongruous types of substantial and intelligent techniques to establish things substantially easer, and we are manage incongruous husk of products to use; we cherish incongruous husks of plans to eat. If we do not do these things, we can not perhaps ponder our speeds. So from my announcement, it's proportioned love a fully structured program, and we've got this fully structured program, we bear to resemble for aspeed and we bear programmed into this planet Earth. Maybe my ideas are wickedness, but apprehend carefully, that our brain and whole is such a fully structured rule. For illustration; if we scent, heed, eat, arrive-at, or see anything, we can not say it's all developed consequently anything we waste that automatically allure despatch signals to our basic rule which is brain. So we can largely say it is somehow love a rule. If we do not bear a brain we can not move at all. Receive an illustration of the stomach, and this is very multifold such as other organisms is works love a rule. So one cell of the 10000 trillions cells in our whole actually has its own announcement, yes is it marvelous but when we zoom it, we can see it love a earth.Furthermore, how do we distinguish that anything is holds how do we distinguish there's a cosmos-nation behind a whileout my purpose I observe aentire there a cosmos-nation of cars and tables and trees and buildings how do developedly that any of it is developed I apprehend none of them is developed, so why? Because, abundant things that we see and the substantial objects is not to illusion us the verity it is to disguise the verity so that we do not bear to chaffer behind a while all that multifoldity and we bear a medium eye candy for our mark that let us do what we insufficiency to do to arrive safe. So we can see solely behind a whileouts and we cannot see internally that things and as allure as any husk of very medium things. We can solely see things simpler, but it allure observe fully incongruous when we observe at it behind a while inappreciable, closely-distinct, and far neighborhood devices. For illustration, we cannot see bacteria discurrent in the air, so millions of incongruous husks of bacteria fly in the air we mutter. We cannot grant to see very diminutive insects and neither plants. So I ignore that anything that we see is not developed. We see and move this verity, but that does not medium we speed in developed history. We solely see tenth of what we see aentire us, this medium we solely see subterfuge but not developed.I price that all nation are constituted by Allah and speed in a developed history. And I scantiness to say an illustration of a capacity constituted by God, the capacity is designated Quran. If we receive Islam from a devotional sharp-end of scene, if we see the Quran which is 1400yrs old, stagnant mentions abundant postulates which is we are not speed in developed history, for illustration we cannot see and move any husk of the energy and the snouts, and this cannot be seen by rational eyes, but animals can see it and too they can be seen on the camera images we are proportioned influence in a rule that God has constituted, but we can see developed history behind we die. Some nation may privilege that the Quran was varyd as new philosophical postulates were discovered. But this cannot be the event, consequently it is a historically documented certainty that the Quran is preserved in it is primary speech. A Quran was written down and memorised by nation during the historyinterval of the Prophet Muhammad.Thank you for your interval.