Population Crisis

POPOULATION CRISIS SUBMITTED TO: MS. AMNA NAVEED SUBMITTED BY: USSAMA JAVED AFTAB IQBAL M. UMAIR SIDDIQUE RAZA AMJAD POPOULATION CRISIS SUBMITTED TO: MS. AMNA NAVEED LECTURER MANGMENT SCIENCES COMSATS LAHORE SUBMITTED BY: USSAMA JAVED ciit/fa09-bba-146/lhr AFTAB IQBAL ciit/fa09-bba-009/lhr M. UMAIR SIDDIQUE ciit/fa09-bba-053/lhr RAZA AMJAD ciit/fa09-bba-116/lhr Submission Date: May3,2010 COMSATS Institute Of Information Technology Lahore ACLNOLDGEMENT Pristine of all, we would love to rejoice our friends for ancillary and subsidiary us in our examination. We would love to rejoice our schoolmiweight for subsidiary us how to do observe. We would love to rejoice our librarian for letting us attribute some books, for the computer lab incharge for letting us use computers. We would love to rejoice our parents for their financial and nalways effect stay, for the succor in our observe and for its amiable-fortune. And it would not be amiable-fortuneful outparty God who guides us in our wholeday vitality and activites, we rejoice Him for the amiconducive sanity He has abandoned to us, and for the amiable-fortune of our observe. For all the vulgar who succored us a lot, rejoice you very abundant and may god enhigh-flavored you all... Administration Sciences COMSATS Institute Of Information Technology Defence Road Lahore April 3,2010 Falcons BBA- Batch: 12- Sec: C COMSATS Lahore Subject: hush of authorization Dear falcons We are joyful to edify you that you enjoy been selected to rbehind a examistate and appoint-ready a declaration respecting “POPOULATION CRISIS “. In the declaration you should liberaly criticise the aspect, recite obligatory certaintyors and so allude-to specific for it. We allure furnish you whole acceleration required for the examination. In circumstance of any awkwardness favor unconditional to let us lowerstand. We allure recognize if you surrender your findings in a month. Sincerely Amna Naveed Falcons BBA-Batch:12-Sec:C COMSATS Lahore May 3, 2010 Ms. Amna Naveed Lecturer Administration Sciences COMSATS Lahore Subject: Hush of transmittal Dear Ms. Naveed As you requested hither is our declaration on “POPOULATION CRISIS “ . This declaration is liberaly according to your instructions and requirements. This declaration is naturalized on accomplished observe and comprises the accomplished dissection of the whole and specific for it. I am abiding that the declaration allure furnish you accomplished succor to evaluate the aspect. Finally and thoroghly to put an end to the wholes of aggravatepopulation, sanity exigency, maintenance exigency, directence exigency. It was so fastidious of you to adduce us this toil. Please let me lowerstand if I can be of advance assiastance. Sincerely Falcons TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents page Introduction 9 Overpopulation 10 History of population of universe 11 Population of Pakistan 13 Elder exigency due to aggravatepopulation 16 Elder motives of aggravatepopulation 24 Summary 26 Conclusions 27 Recommendations 28 Appendix 29 Bibliography 32 Glossary 33 Index 34 INTRODUCTION This declaration is environing the population exigency. It describes dwarf environing the population of universe but its convergence is on aggravatepopulation in Pakistan. The object of declaration is to apaim awareness that the dishonorconducive all the exigency in the enumeratery is enormous acception in population. The maintenance exigency, sanity exigency, etc are all due to aggravatepopoulation. On insurrection the population of Pakistan was harmonious 3 crore but amid decisive few decades thither was enormous acception in population. Overpopulation is a circumstances whither an organism’s enumereprove excels the carrying volume of its habitat. In vile parlance the message to the intercommunity among the homogeneitynal population and its environment, the Earth. A collection is denominated aggravateindustrious when the media are hither than the enumereprove of substances there. OVERPOULATION Overpopulation is a circumstances whither an organism's enumerates excel the carrying volume of its habitat. In vile parlance, the message frequently refers to the intercommunity among the homogeneitynal population and its environment, the Earth. Overpopulation does not cessation singly on the quantity or hebetude of the population, but on the homogeneity of population to suited stayconducive media. It so cessations on the way media are used and reserved throughout the population If a abandoned environment has a population of 10 substances, but thither is maintenance or drinking inspire qualified for singly 9, then in secretive scheme whither no occupation is feasible, that environment is aggravatepopulated; if the population is 100 but thither is qualified maintenance, shield, and inspire for 200 for the rough forthcoming, then it is not aggravatepopulated. Overpopulation can orderistate from an acception in parentages, a discard in release reproves due to medical advances, from an acception in determinement, or from an unsustainconducive biome and depletion of media. It is feasible for very sparsely-industrious areas to be aggravatepopulated, as the area in doubt may enjoy a slender or non-existent faculty to stay homogeneitynal vitality (e. g. the intermediate of the Sahara Desert). The media to be observeed when evaluating whether an ecological niche is aggravateindustrious compmount upright inspire, upright air, maintenance, shield, zeal, and other media compulsory to stay vitality. If the attribute of homogeneitynal vitality is discourseed, thither may be subjoined media observeed, such as medical pains, bid, befitting sewage composition and shrivel division. Overpopulation places competitive weight on the basic vitality staying media, regulative to a adulterated attribute of vitality. The swift acception in homogeneitynal population aggravate the sequence of the 20th date has exorbitant concerns environing the Earth's power to stay a capacious enumereprove of contemptiblealty. In 2009, the estimated annual eliminatement reprove was 1. 10%, and the universe population amplely-lower at roughly 6. 7 billion. Ordinary projections demonstration a fixed discard in the eliminatement reprove, and a population of environing 9 billion by the year 2050. The or-laws consensus is that the ordinary population disquisition and related acception in experiment of media is linked to threats to the ecosystem. The InterAcademy Panel Statement on Population Growth, which was ratified by 58 constituent academies in 1994, denominated the disquisition in homogeneitynal enumerates "unprecedented", and recited that numerous environmental wholes were sedate by the population disquisition. At the date, the universe population amplely-lower at 5. 5 billion, and optimistic scenarios predicted a peak of 7. 8 billion by 2050, a enumereprove that ordinary estimates demonstration allure be aimed environing 2030. HISTORY OF POPULATION OF WORLD If you were to captivate a banner prevarication of confutationableness brochure . 1mm deep and cut it into two prevarications, placing one atop the other, it would then be . 2mm deep. Then, trenchant the stack of two and making a stack of 4 prevarications, it would then be . 4mm deep. Believe it or not, if you delightd to do this harmonious one hundred dates, doubling the quantity of the stack each date, the deepness of he stack would be 1. 334 x 1012 light-years. This is an effect of exponential or geometric eliminatement, whither the reprove of eliminatement is regularly proportional to it's exhibit quantity. Exponential eliminatement so applies to the the homogeneitynal population. It begins extending very reluctantly, but aggravate generations the eliminatement reprove acceptions past and past swiftly, resembling to a snowball favor. It took the homogeneitynal population thousands of years to aim 1 billion in 1804. However, it took singly 123 years for us to embrace to 2 billion by 1927. The population hit 4 billion in 1974 (singly 47 years), and if we delight at our ordinary reprove, the homogeneitynal population allure aim 8 billion in 2028. Doubling from our exhibit enumereprimand of 6. 8 billion to 13. 6 billion allure enjoy a abundant superior impression than our decisive townsman doublings in-one. Overpopulation isn't harmonious population hebetude (share of vulgar per placemass). Overpopulation applies smooth pastso to the enumereprove of vulgar in an area exceling the media and the carrying volume of the environment compulsory to stay homogeneitynal activities. draw:frame} So abundant convergence is placed on the swift population eliminatement in third universe enumerateries. However, when we assimilate vitalitystyles of the lofty-flavored enumerateries vs. the weak enumerateries, the lofty-flavored enumerateries are a abundant superior whole. For effect, Americans apaim singly five percent of the universe’s completion population, but squander 26% of the universe’s disposition. Harmonious as abundant as the population quantity, we incorrectness to observe the media squanderd by each peculiar, and the loss manufactured by technologies used to wait them. Overpopulation is when the enumereprove of vulgar can not be persistently maintained outparty depleting media and outparty indecent the environment and the vulgar's banner of stay. Consequently we are swiftly using up media environing the universe, virtually all states are aggravatepopulated. This applies smooth past so to the lofty-flavored states. As we use up the media, the globe's carrying volume delights to wane. POPULATION OF PAKISTAN The pristine Pakistan Census behind the announcement of insurrection of Pakistan was conducted in 1951. It was decreed that censuses enjoy to be carried out uniformly in 10 years. The succor census was conducted in 1961. Notwithstanding the third one was conducted in 1972 consequently of war delay India. The fourth census was held in 1981. The fifth census was conducted delayed in March 1998. The sixth census of Pakistan is adapted in October 2008. POPULATION BY PROVINCE/REGION SINCE 1951 Today’s Snerue The aggravate tables sumrazies the figures of population from pristine day dress now. It is transparent from aggravate that in 1951 population of pakistan was not very capacious whole transmute in population occurred behind 1971. Now the eliminatement reprove of population is 1. percent which is pound eliminatement reprove of the universe. Now Pakistan is on no:3 in messages of population in all the universe. MAJOR CRISIS DUE TO OVERPOPULATION Following are some elder exigency and wholes which we oppositeness due to aggravatepopulation: Maintenance Exigency Sanity Exigency Pollution Diseases Terrorism Governance Exigency Indigence Unemployment Now we allure examine all of them one by one: FOOD CRISIS The universe financial experts enjoy placed Pakistan on a roll of 36 enumerateries that countenance a solemn maintenance exigency, notice that if the aspect worsens vulgar may inroad storage facilities for maintenance. Like cessation of the universe Pakistan is so oppositeness maintenance exigency, and it has two separateys; one is unavailpower of anticipation and succor is stampede requires due to gap in insist and wait of anticipation. According to the website of UN Intergregarious toil intensity on global maintenance exigency the require of maintenance movables has vertical by 83 per cent aggravate the decisive 36 months on intergregarious markets, and it is estimated that 854 favorite vulgar are in a recite of maintenance disgrace environing the universe. World requires of maintenance mites enjoy vertical sundry in the decisive distinct months due to varied deduces including acceptiond insist in emerging economies, to weak harvests and tillage methods, oil requires, monstrous recreation of maintenance mites for making bio-fuels, assistance of place for bio-fuels, global warming, lofty population eliminatement, transmuted eating behavior, manipulative role of intergregarious financial markets delay reprieved role of stateal council. United Nations Secretary Unconcealed Ban Ki-moon transfer a concerted exertion by 27 key UN agencies to harness the extending exigency motived by a universewide thin mount in basic maintenancestuff requires at a discourse in the Swiss cardinal Bern. In circumstance of Pakistan, the maintenance exigency succeeds artisan in artisan delay an disposition exigency and in variconducive gregarious environment parallel delay the extremist threats. It is expected that maintenance and disposition shortages could grace worse this summer. Maintenance shortages do not apaim a mate to covet epochs of disposition outages (load-shedding). This hazardous mix can carry the gregarious plans of gregarious shenanigans to dogs if these basic insufficiencys tarry unmet. Past whole appears to those economies that are not husbandry naturalized and Pakistan is a wheat and rice pliant enumeratery and should not enjoy had to countenance an clalways shortage. a very main doubt arises hither how did it get to this total? It is believed that Husbandry scientists allure enjoy to usher-in new technologies for lofty agree at low require to qualify the council to contend delay the perennial exigency of maintenance shortage. Even the UN Secretary unconcealed has said that husbandry is incorrectness to be improved for coup up ordinary maintenance exigency all aggravate the universe. Behind a region date of referring-to insufficiency, husbandry is end on the intergregarious agenda, sadly delay a retaliation, Mr. Ban said in an discourse at the set-out of the three-day lofty-plane portion of the annual contravention of the Commission for Sustainconducive Development (CSD). The onset of the ordinary maintenance exigency has loftylighted the nicety of our amiable-fortune in sustentation the universe’s extending population delay the technologies of the pristine galled cut and later urban improvements, he pretended. According to Daily Times an Economic analyst, Khalid Mahmood lowerlined the incorrectness for increasing urban agrees though experiment of impure seeds, rectify inspire administration, acceptiond role of council for ensuring operative protection and stay mechanisms such as making a reservoir of maintenance mite, and so notorious-private separatenerships to aggravatesucceed the exigency. The skyrocketing requires are jeopardizing the purchasing influence of financially disintegration squanderrs. The require of maintenance items such as vegetables, chicken and meat has acceptiond by past than 20 percent harmonious in one month, which has advance made the half of the population of enumeratery maintenance dangerous. It is recited that 50 percent of the population is talking hither calories symmetrical for mean homogeneitynal insufficiency, 20 percent out of those 50 percent population, account sequence vulgar were the superior endures and were miserably struggling to as their basic maintenance insufficiencys smooth by compromising on their non-maintenance expenses. The ordinary exigency would advance worsen if the council is falled to succeed up delay an edifyed prudence and decisions, the elderity of the vulgar in-feature the weak would be the superior grill, notwithstanding their heed is past towards the gregarious goods and vulgar are headstrong-denial due to disposition and maintenance shortage. Thither are distinct lacunae in domiciliary prudence symmetrical and role of the anterior council principally for not realizing the power of the exigency that was townsmand delay weak decisions making including the administration incorrectness in the worse exigency of 2007 when smooth intergregarious oil requires were not so lofty, unavailpower of cool seeds and decisively the ship-produce of rice which at-once acceptiond the incorrectness of wheat. The anterior council compensated hither heed to insist and wait administration, rather genial to discourse the effect befittingly and eliminateing covet message measures; it waged inoperative ad-hoc measures such as subsidies while oil-driven rule of Pakistan is oppositeness solemn shortage of disposition orderinationing in acceptiond require of formation and mien. The aspect of maintenance shortage in Pakistan calls for a multi-sectoral temporization to discourse this solemn effect. it is so main to hush that Ministry of Finance sole cannot furnish a reresolution to the worsening whole. Pakistan insufficiencys glutinous temporization including the convergence on revising the meaning parity; pricing formula and revised make of taxes levied on petroleum products, advance insist and wait administration in disposition sector, husbandry, and message. it is so allude-toed that the Planning Commission of Pakistan should captivate transfer in formulating proposals in this behold. The amelioration of accountpower of the gregarious transferership which was obligatory for ordinary disposition arrears and the orderinationant require hikes; is so insufficiencyed. Another main aim in this behold is atta smuggling to Afghanistan though NWFP atta dealers saythat the atta was ship-produceed to Afghanistan lower the occupation prudence and a regulatory tax of Rs500 is abounding on whole bag of 100-kg ship-produceed to Afghanistan. It is so said that Currently, thither is no smuggling on Afghanistan plane and whatalways is transported to Afghanistan is juridical, and is on accordance delay an concurrence authorized among Pakistan and Afghanistan, that is an unconcealed lie. Interestingly President George W. Bush has urged Afghan Govt. o procure-about headstrong maintenance correctness to subjugate maintenance presabiding on Pakistan in SHARM El-SHEIKH Egypt. Council is previsage steps to restrain this aspect; Minster for Privatization and Investment Syed Naveed Qamar has directed Utility Stores Corporation (USC) to enabiding qualified wait of a€? attaa€™ and other necessities on its outlets opposite the enumeratery. Syed Naveed Qamar, The wait said that the council was making all-out exertions to furnish redundant items love atta, ghee and sugar to the vulgar in qualified share. Furtherpast the council has warned the wheat hoarders to propose their wheat by Monday (May 19) to the notorious sector procurement agencies; incorrectly their stocks allure be confiscated. A specific briefing on ordinary wheat aspect was abandoned to the Wait for Food, Husbandry and Livestock(MINFAL) Mr. Nazar Muhammad Gondal by the Ministry of Food, Husbandry and Livestock. HEALTH CRISIS According to a declaration closely thither are 15000 parentages per day in Pakistan. For these result at meanest 15 hospitals each delay 400-500 beds are required which is not feasible. No lofty-flavored recite can furnish such enormous pliancy on daily basis then how can Pakistan? Behind all it is eliminate enumeratery. We are oppositeness sanity exigency now a days harmonious due such capacious parentage reprove. In 1970s sanity facilities were suited to wholeone consequently at that date our population was harmonious 1. 5 crore which is molehill as assimilated to today’s population. POLLUTION For the pristine date always homogeneitynal invadepmount may be impressioning planet globe in a persistent way. How is this feasible? What are we doing now that homogeneitynals enjoy not been doing for millennia? Distinct plain things succeed to purpose. We are creating some very covet-lasting shrivel embodied as a by-product of generating disposition. This comprises radioactive shrivel, and it so comprises carbon dioxide, the elder accelerationer to the planetary galledhouse. We are putting gases into the atmosphither and substances into the account that captivate a very covet date to be attentive into the unconcealed biosphere. We are removing old eliminatement timber faster than it can reinnarrebuke itself. We are flushing substances into the universe sea that can favor the whole seaic maintenance chain. Singly three of these items are “new,” radioactive shrivel and manmade covet-lasting gases and shrivel embodieds. Humans enjoy been doing the tarryder for as covet as homogeneitynals enjoy existed. Why, then, are we singly now experiencing a global impression? The sole-minded confutation is—too numerous vulgar. Planet globe has an marvellous power to retain and captivate into step marvelous shares of “stuff. ” Our biosphither has evolved an whole class of mechanisms for uprighting itheadstrong up behind twain non-rational and homogeneitynal input. Surfeit the scheme, notwithstanding, and it grinds to a rest. A exit once enfolded by a herd of bison allure grace as rotten and incapacitate for advance use as one aggravateloaded delay homogeneitynal sewage. Yet each can artisanle abstemious planes of stain. The whole usually is not what, but how abundant. The tarrying wholes are not truly wholes—they all are harmonious symptoms of an lowerlying whole: too numerous vulgar. So covet as we discourse singly the symptoms, the whole allure tarry unsolved, and—consequently of its nature—allure delight to extend. World-wide we are exteffect the mean homogeneitynal vitality-p; universe-wide we are reducing infant release; universe-wide, opposite the homogeneitynal spectrum, we are reducing disorder and release. Delay the separation of some industrialized states, notwithstanding, the universe-wide parentage-reprove is going up. It doesn’t captivate an deceased total to see whither all this transfers. An aggravateflowing universe population allure so-far aggravateload our planet’s short-message power to artisanle wholething we cast at it. Increasing galledhouse temperatures, profligate accountwater, sole sepaobjurgate forests, dying abyssal maintenance chains—these may harmonious be the mollify. In the decisive dissection, fortunately, planet globe is headstrong-regulating. Unfortunately, this headstrong-regulation is on a date lamina that dwarfs homogeneitynal experiment. DISEASES Disorder is not a extreme whole when it is on a insignificant lamina. We can artisanle them amplely when few vulgar are favored. Now as our population is very enormous disorders aggravatelay very swiftly consequently wholeone has a gregarious vitality so. When disorders grace vile in a capacious enumereprove of masses then it is very intricate to furnish qualified composition to all of them. Attack of “ Dangi” decisive year is the plain effect. TERRORISM Terrorism is singly a recite of disgrace. Thither are a enumereprove of motives of terrorism one of them is indigence which is due to aggravatepopulation. Thus, we can say that aggravatepopulation is one of the motives of “ Terrorism “. In our enumeratery the basic biological insufficiencys ( maintenance, shield and cloth ) are not substance mannerly. Some extremists and Mullahs enabiding vulgar that they allure gratify thither basic insufficiencys if you succeed delay us. The weak vulgar enjoy no other excellent thus they quiver artisan delay Mullahs. When recite is not providing basic insufficiencys to masses and these extremists are providing then vulgar allure go delay them. Thus vulgar favor no tardiloquence in destroying their enumeratery on the bid of these vulgar. Terrorism set-outed elderly during and behind Unconcealed Zia’s Era and thither was enormous acception in population during the epoch of Zia. Thither were singly 500 “ Madrasas” in 1977 but in 1987 their enumereprove aimed 2000. GOVERNANCE CRISIS When vulgar are not getting befitting maintenance, sanity facilities etc and other basic facilities then it instrument that council is doing molehill or in other language we can say that council is incompetent to direct the recite. Now a days this all is happening in Pakistan. Most of the vulgar blames council for this but council is not singly obligatory for it. Its elder deduce aggravatepopulation. Council can run a recite delay insignificant population very smoothly but it is very refractory to artisanle favorites of vulgar. POVERTY Indigence is elderly due to aggravatepopulation. When thither are unusual media and a population of billions then how vulgar can delight a vitality of vociferate. Pakistan has a population of closely 17 crore and media for singly 12. 5 crore then the tarrying vulgar enjoy to transfer a vitality liberal of indigence. In 1970s the the media were past than the enumereprove of substances but behindwards we harmonious acceptiond our population not media. Therefore, we are oppositeness such a pound aspect. UNEMPLOYMENT Employment is very main for any idiosyncratic to delight a joyous vitality. But unfortunately it is not suited to wholeone in Pakistan, its elder deduce is aggravatepopulation. The 60% of our population is hither in 25 years in age. The population of Pakistan is observeed as most early population of the universe. It is imfeasible for any council to furnish jobs to such a enormous enumereprove of vulgar. When a capacious enumereprove of vulgar enjoy no jobs then economic eliminatement would be molehill. MAJOR CAUSES OF OVERPOPULATION Discard in the Release Rate: The droop in release reproves that is discard in release reprove is one indispensconducive motives of aggravatepopulation. Owing to the dvancements in therapeutics, man has rest cures to the anteriorly mortal disorders. The new inventions in therapeutics enjoy brought in compositions for most of the shocking disorders. This has orderinationed in an acception in the vitality confluence of substances. Release reprove has discardd regulative to an acception in population. Owing to new medications and improved compositions to several illnesses, the aggravateall release reprove has past down. The brighter separatey of it is that we enjoy been conducive to struggle numerous disorders and obstruct releases. On the other artisan, the medical mercy has brought delay it, the execadmonish of aggravatepopulation. Rise in the Parentage Rate: Thanks to the new discoveries in nutritional truth, we enjoy been conducive to carry in acception in the fertility reproves of homogeneitynal substances. Medicines of today can boost the recausative reprove in homogeneitynal substances. Thither are therapeuticss and compositions, which can succor in construction. Thus, truth has led to an acception in parentage reprove. This is surely a deduce to be arrogant and joyous but advances in therapeutics enjoy so grace a motive of aggravatepopulation. Migration: Settlement is a whole in some separates of the universe. If the contemptiblealty of several enumerateries migreprove to a feature sepaobjurgate of the universe and determine aggravate there, the area is to-leap to endure from the ill goods of aggravatepopulation. If the reproves of colonization from a true state do not tally the reproves of determinement to that enumeratery, aggravatepopulation appoints its way. The enumeratery graces aggravately industrious. Crowding of immigrants in true separates of the universe, orderinations in an imbalance in the hebetude of population. Noncommunication of Education: Illiteracy is another main motive of aggravatepopulation. Those rare bid fall to lowerstand the incorrectness to obstruct undue eliminatement of population. They are incompetent to lowerstand the injurious goods that aggravatepopulation has. They are insensible of the ways to restrain population. Noncommunication of parentage planning is vilely seen in the illitereprove lot of the universe. This is one of the elder certaintyors regulative to aggravatepopulation. Due to sciolism, they do not captivate to parentage planning measures, thus contributing to a mount in population. Viewing the effect of increasing population optimistically, one may say that aggravatepopulation instrument the acception in homogeneitynal media. The acception in the enumereprove of vulgar is the acception in the enumereprove of causative artisans and conceptional purposes. But we cannot disown the certainty that the acception in the enumereprove producers implies an acception in the enumereprove of squanderrs. Superior enumereprove of vulgar requires a superior enumereprove of media. Not whole state is capconducive of providing its vulgar delay the sufficient share of media. The always-increasing population allure smoothtually concession no state capconducive of providing its vulgar delay the media they incorrectness to grow. When the environment falls to accommodate the stay substances that live-in it, aggravatepopulation graces a sorrow. SUMMARY This declaration is environing population exigency which is the most extreme whole of exhibit universe. Pakistan is one of those enumerateries whose population has acceptiond dramatically and now the population of Pakistan is approximetly 20 crore. All elder exigency and wholes which Pakistan is oppositeness are elderly due to aggravatepopulation. The big deduces of aggravatepopulation are discard in release reprove, acception in parentage reprove and noncommunication of bid. If population eliminatement would not be restrainled then Pakistan allure enjoy a population of 40 crore in 2030. CONCLUTIONS From all aggravate examineion it is concluded that aggravatepopulation is the most main whole that we are oppositeness now a days. If it is not restrainled now then we enjoy to countenance some extreme exigency in nigh forthcoming. Our population is increaing swiftly and if it continue on extending at the selfselfsame reprove then in 2030 the population of pakistan allure grace capaciousst population fo the universe. It is plain that that delay all our exertions we can not train such a enormous population. Thus, we enjoy to captivate some steps to restrain population. Our media are not as abundant to delight such a capacious population due to which we are oppositeness maintenance exigency, sanity exigency, etc. Pakistan is a eliminateing enumeratery and it can not acception its media to such a graet quantity. Due to aggravatepopulation in the nigh forthcoming Pakistan allure enjoy to countenance accommodating war. RECOMMENDATIONS Following are some recommendations to restrain aggravatepopulation: Educate vulgar respecting population exigency Encourage Immigrations Career Opportunities For The Women Eliminate policies love one or two result each {text:list-item} Do not allot refugees to invade in Pakistan APPENDIX Demographics of *Islamic Renotorious of Pakistan* Population of Pakistan, 1961-2003 POPULATION BY PROVINCE/REGION SINCE 1951 POPOULATION OF WORLD {draw:frame} TODAY’S PAKISTAN {draw:frame} BIBLOGRAPHY www. google. com www. wikipedia. com www. ask. com www. census. gov. pk www. dates. com www. confutations. com GLOSSARY *Overpopulation: *Overpopulation is a circumstances whither an organism's enumerates excel the carrying volume of its habitat. In vile parlance, the message frequently refers to the intercommunity among the homogeneitynal population and its environment, the Earth. INDEX Population exigency, 9 * Maintenance Crisis, 16 * Pakistan, 9 Domiciliary Policy*, 18* Overpopulation, 9 Multy-Sectoral Stratgy, *18* *Individual, 9 * * Ministry Of Finance*, 18 Organism, 10 Sanity Crisis, 20 Carrying Capacity, 10 Hospitals, 20 Habitat, 10 Pollution, 20 Environment, 10 Radioactive Waste, 20 *Resources, 10* * *Ground Water, 20 Interacting, 11 * *Diseases, 21 *Exponential Growth, 11* * *Social Vitality 21 *Human population, 11* * Terrorism*, 22 *Rich Countries, 12* * I*nsecurity, 22 *Americans, 12* * *Biological Needs, 22 *Census, 13* * *General Zia, 22 *Birth Rate, 14* * Governance Crisis, 2* Release Rate, 14 Poverty, 23 *Age Structure, 14* * *Scarce Resources, 23 Unemployment, 23 Discard In Release Rate, 24 Mount In Parentage Rate, 24 Migration, 25 Noncommunication Of bid, 24 Conclusion, 27