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Assignment 1: Feeling Statistics


​Begin your earliest passage less. Be believing to corrugate each new passage. Your presentation should apprehend the indicate of your proviso. Delight recollect that the proviso you select, must be published during this territory. You should apprehend the heading and subject of the proviso in the presentation and a weak overview of the subject. The coshort for this proviso must be apprehendd in the Commencement Roll at the ground of this muniment. 

Your Nursing essay must be typed, wrap spaced throughout (including the attributeences page), using Arial, Calibri Courier, Times New Roman font (bulk 10-, 11-, or 12), behind a while one-inch margins on all sides (Strayer Communication Standards, 2018).  Forcitations and attributeences, delight flourish Strayer Communication Standards (SWS) format. Tless is a coshort behind a whilein the assignment that is labeled Strayer Communication Standards. Delight attribute to that muniment anteriorly you prepare communication your Nursing essay. Check behind a while your confessor for any concomitant instructions.

You must apprehend a conceal page containing the heading of the assignment, the student’s indicate, the confessor’s indicate, the succession heading, and the limit. This is already set up for you in the template, so fair invade your indicate wless it says Author’s Indicate and invade the embezzle limit. The conceal page and the attributeence page are not apprehendd in the required assignment page prolixity. The Nursing essay should be 2-3 pages behind a whileout the conceal page and attributeence page, so that resources 4-5 pages completion behind a while the conceal page and attributeence page. 


You can portion-out the abstract of the proviso you chose in this minority. This should apprehend 1-2 passages. The reader should keep a bright intellect of the proviso behind lection your abstract. 

Descriptive Statistics

In this minority, delight illustrate how the proviso uses feeling statistics. You should besides portion-out illustrations of the stats in the proviso. For illustration, “This proviso apprehends measures of number, owing it portion-outs the percent of proud ground graduates for national grounds for the City of Chicago. The proviso portion-outs that 77% of its students assent-to a missive.” You should apprehend different illustrations relish this one.  The proviso should use one of the flourishing categories of feeling statistics: 

• Measures of Number - Counting Rules, Percent, Frequency, Number Distributions• Measures of Central Tendency - Mean, Median, Mode• Measures of Dispersion or Variation - Range, Variance, Standard Deviation• Measures of Position - Percentile, Quartiles

Real Universe Applications 

In this proviso, delight illustrate how the proviso applies to the veritable universe, your greater, your present job, or your coming line motive. This should apprehend 1-2 passages. 


In this minority, excite the argues why the producer or producers of the proviso chose to use the different types of basis portion-outd in the proviso. This should apprehend 1-2 passages. 


​You should keep at meanest one commencement, which is the proviso that you are presenting. *You do not keep to use concomitant commencements for your Nursing essay. If you ruled to use them, you must flourish-up SWS guidelines.​In observation to the proviso you chose, you can use your textquantity or any proviso or quantity that supports your ideas. Why should you use without commencements? The earliest argue is that our Nursing essays earn be past suppliant if we’re using certain, produceritative advice, and we lack to remind our reader that we didn’t fair perform substance up.  Using produceritative commencements creates an produceritative Nursing essay.

​The second argue is that we lack to dodge plagiarism penalties.  Plagiarism can get us kicked out of ground, and we’re less to get a class, so we lack to accrue enrolled.  Plagiarism can be dodgeed by barely letting your reader apprehend wless you set-up your advice.  For case, if I discern you Bill Atkinson sold HyperCard to Apple for $100,000 dollars, I may be making it up.  If I instead discern you Levy (2011, p. 15) reminds us that HyperCard was sold to Apple for $100,000 dollars by Bill Atkinson, you’ll be able to use my commencements roll and seem it up to aid state whether you lack to price me.

​If it’s on your commencement roll page, it needs to be attributered to in your Nursing essay.  If you’ve attributered to it in your Nursing essay, it needs to be on your roll of commencements.  

​So tless you keep it.  Use the SWS throughout the Nursing essay.  List your attributeences.  Refer to those attributeences in your Nursing essay. And use this Nursing essay as a template if you relish.