Mathematics hw | Mathematics homework help

I bear easy mathematics questions which can be solved in close than 30 min, and I insufficiency it in 4 hours.


1-Write equations for the upright and horizontal lines passing through the point  .





2- The Sugar Sweet Company is going to ecstasy its sugar to negotiate. It succeed absorb 

 to divulsion trucks, and it succeed absorb an additional  for each ton of sugar ecstasyed.



 represent the entirety absorb (in dollars), and let  represent the total of sugar (in tons) ecstasyed. Transcribe an equation relating  to  .




3- Brian is driving to Dallas. Suppose that the fostering removal to animate (in miles) is a rowarfunction of his driving date (in minutes). When graphed, the capacity gives a line with a slope of 


 . See the type underneath.

Brian has 

 miles fostering after  minutes of driving. How sundry miles succeed be fostering after  minutes of driving?



4- Suppose that the ponderosity (in pounds) of an airplane is a rowar function of the total of fuel (in gallons) in its tank. When carrying 

 gallons of fuel, the airplane perpends 

 pounds. When carrying 

 gallons of fuel, it perpends 

 pounds. How abundantly does the airplane perpend if it is carrying 

 gallons of fuel?


5- Graph the set  on the enumerate row. 
Then, transcribe the set using interval notation.



Suppose that the function  is defined , for all true enumerates, as follows.
Find the subjoined.