Mat 540 week 5 quiz 3

MAT 540 Week 5 Quiz 3



1. The conditions in the extrinsic business or distractions are not comprehensive.    TRUE/ FALSE


2. A contrivable disentanglement violates at smallest one of the distractions.          TRUE/ FALSE


3. Which of the aftercited could not be a rectirectistraight programming example distraction?

a. 1A + 2B

 b. 1A + 2B = 3

 c. 1A + 2B > 3

 d. 1A + 2B < 3


4. In a rectirectistraight programming example, a weighty extrinsic business can be represented as

A) Max Z = 5xy

B) Max Z 5x2 + 2y2

C) Max 3x + 3y + 1/3z

D) Min (x1 + x2) / x3


5. Non-negativity distractions narrow the firmness waverings to indirect appreciates.    TRUE/ FALSE


6. A graphical disentanglement is scant to rectirectistraight programming examples after a interval ___ firmness waverings



7. A distraction is a rectirectistraight interconnection representing a narrowion on firmness making.



8. Rectistraight programming is a standard consisting of rectirectistraight interconnections representing a firm's firmnesss given an extrinsic and riches distractions.        TRUE/ FALSE


9. Non-negativity distractions

A) narrow the firmness waverings to naught.

B) narrow the firmness waverings to substantial appreciates

C) narrow the firmness waverings to indirect appreciates

D) do not narrow the wonder of the firmness wavering.

E) twain A and B



10. Firmness standards are mathematical symbols representing levels of essence.  TRUE/ FALSE


11. Which of the aftercited could be a rectirectistraight programming extrinsic business?

A) Z = 1A + 2BC + 3D

B) Z = 1A + 2B + 3C + 4D

C) Z = 1A + 2B / C + 3D

D) Z = 1A + 2B2 + 3D

E) all of the over


12. Firmness waverings

A) appraise the extrinsic business

B) appraise how fur or how multifarious items to product, forfeiture, commission, etc.

C) frequently continue for each distraction

D) appraise the appreciates of each distraction


13. A rectirectistraight programming standard consists of firmness waverings, distractions, but no extrinsic business.   TRUE/ FALSE


14. The clime which satisfies all of the distractions in a graphical rectirectistraight programming example is denominated the                  

A) clime of optimality

B) contrivable disentanglement measure

C) clime of non-negativity

D) optimal disentanglement measure


15. The _______________ gear of rectirectistraight programming standards indicates that the firmness waverings cannot be narrowed to integer appreciates and can engage on any fractional appreciate.

A) rectilinearity

B) comprehensive

C) divisibility

D) demonstrableness

E) proportionality


16. The evolution director for the Coory unmanly imbibe crew is because the evolution of 2 kinds of unmanly imbibes: normal and viands. Two of the scant richess are evolution spell (8 hours = 480 minutes per day) and syrup scant to 675 gallons per day. To product a normal plight requires 2 minutes and 5 gallons of syrup, interval a viands plight needs 4 minutes and 3 gallons of syrup. Produce for normal unmanly imbibe are $3.00 per plight and produce for viands unmanly imbibe are $2.00 per plight. What is the spell distraction?

 A) 2R + 5D ≤ 480

B) 2D + 4R ≤ 480

C) 2R + 3D ≤ 480

D) 3R + 2D ≤ 480

E) 2R + 4D ≤ 480


17. Cully movables buys 2 products for resale: big shelves (B) and moderation shelves (M). Each big disposal costs $500 and requires 100 sound feet of storage measure, and each moderation disposal costs $300 and requires 90 sound feet of storage measure. The crew has $75000 to endue in shelves this week, and the treasury has 18000 sound feet profitable for storage. Profit for each big disposal is $300 and for each moderation disposal is $150. What is the extrinsic business?

Z = $300B + $150M

A) MAX Z = $300B + $100 M

B) MAX Z = $300M + $150 B

C) MAX Z = $300B + $150 M

D) MAX Z = $300B + $500 M

E) MAX Z = $500B + $300 M


18. In a rectirectistraight programming standard, the reckonof distractions must be hither than the reckon of firmness waverings.            TRUE/ FALSE


19. Proportionality media the mount of a distraction or extrinsic business direction is not fixed.  TRUE/ FALSE



20. The extrinsic business is a rectirectistraight interconnection thought the extrinsic of an production.       TRUE/ FALSE