Mat 300 week 9 discussion ***** please original work only*********

"Correlation and Regression

View the 2014 SAT Scores by State:

Using Microsoft Excel, induce a scatterplot of the Competition Reprove (x-axis) vs. Collectively SAT Scores (y-axis). DO NOT USE THE %-SYMBOLS when putting the axioms into the spreadsheet. ALSO, DO NOT veer the percents to decimals. For in, North Dakota has a competition reprove of 2.3% and a collectively SAT account of 1816. In the Excel spreadsheet, you would barely input 2.3 & 1816 for the North Dakota axioms. Provide a delineation of your scatterplot in the argument course.

Once you induce the scatterplot, define the kindred between competition reprove and collectively SAT accounts. Make unmistakable you set-forth whether it is a fixed or denying kindred and whether the kindred is hale, steady, or inefficient. Also, what does this kindred say in “simple discourse?”

Find the prize of the correspondence coefficient (r) and decipher what that resources in kindred to the quantity. 

Find the equation of the meanest squares retreat succession.


Use the equation of the meanest squares retreat succession to “predict” the collectively SAT account for a set-forth whose competition reprove is 21.8%. Does “correspondence hint causation?” Use the in of SAT accounts and competition reprove to sift-canvass this delay your classmates.