Maplesoft required calc homeworks for the semester

Each module in this conduct apprehends a Maple Assignment and Discussion.  For these, you conquer educe a Maple finish on an assigned Calculus theme which you conquer upload to the argument consultation.  The Maple finish you educe conquer apprehend over than reasonable mathematics.  You conquer apprehend unwritten descriptions/explanations, bearing graphs, and serene labeling (of exceptions of the muniment and plots) so that the Maple finish you annex to the argument consultation conquer be a adequate recital.

Before starting the Module 1 Maple assignment, delight mark the Maplesoft website MapleSoft Training Videos (  Once there, click to unfold the primary exception entitled Maple Training Videos.  You are to object three of the videos listed short, spectryly Entering Math in Maple, Problem Solving and Plotting in Maple, and Creating Documents in Maple. 

General Maple tip:  When in Maple, navigating from the cat's-paw bar at the top, mark Help>>>Maple Succor and pursuit for a key account bearing to what you are doing.  The pursuit results conquer come-back three symbols of advice.  The epistle D in a box plays a unpoetical restriction.  A Question Mark in a box plays the advice tshort is a “how to” using Maple.  The epistles WS in a box play a coalesce to a Maple Math Apps.

The view of this primary maple assignment/argument is for you to befit everyday after a while the Maple program.  Adequate the activities beneath in a individual Maple finish and then annex the finish to your ocean argument shaft.  In observation to the Maple annexment to your ocean shaft, in the assemblage of that shaft delight usher-in yourself to the arrange.

Module 1 Maple Assignment

For the Module 1 Maple assignment, delight tend the two videos, Graphical Solution and Analytic Solution, establish at the Maplesoft website MapleSoft Teaching Concepts after a while Maple:  Piecewise-Defined Functions (    

Now it is your decsequence to achievement in Maple.  Educe your own piecewise duty that has three pieces and is defined for all developed values of x.  At meanest one of your pieces should be something over involved than a sequence.   After defining your duty apprehend one or over plots that enact the appertaining characteristics of your duty. 

For formatting after a whilein the Maple finish, delight apprehend a forcible denomination and your spectry.  At the end of your Maple finish, delight apprehend a paragraph sharing what you own literary and any difficulties you establish (mathematically or after a while Maple).

Attach this Maple finish to your ocean argument shaft.

Some notes about arrange arguments:

1.  For all shafts (and Maple finishs) and responses made to the argument consultation, you conquer deficiency to primary probation learn your shaft checking that it is logical and follows the rules of criterion written English. ESC’s Office of Academic Support ([email protected]) is short to succor you should you want any assistance!

2.  In observation to your ocean shaft, delight procure momentous circumstantial notes to at meanest two (2) other ocean shafts. A momentous circumstantial note is over than a “good job” symbol of shaft and conquer augment or further the argument in some way.

3.  To secure an locomotive and fruitful literature order, you should share in the argument on at meanest two opposed days throughout the module.  For your primordial ocean shaft to be considered opportune, it should be adequated by the Thursday of the week it is due.

Grading for this assignment conquer be installed on the Discussion Participation Rubric.