Unit 1 assessment – what is pop culture?



Analyze: Expression of the Year

Evaluation Title: What is Pop Culture?

One way to identify changes in liked amelioration is to scrutinize new provisions and concepts that prepare and quickly behove prevalent in company.  For specimen, you may be well-acquainted after a while the new phrases that arose after a while the use of smartphones (LOL! OMG! YOLO!) and the new aims for already well-acquainted expression such as extract, basis, freshen, impression, etc.  We use “Google” as a verb today, “Spam” used to be a canned fruit issue, and “Amazon” no coveter highest brings to sentiment a large stream in South America.

Oxford Dictionary (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/ (Links to an manifest top.)) takes on the summon of the ever-changing English dialect by providing definitions for newly adopted and used expression in the English dialect and uniform selects a “Word of the Year” – a expression that takes on a established symbolical aim in the conextract of prevalent uniformts and amelioration.  In 2015, it was exalted that the “word” of the year wasn’t uniform a expression at all, but instead an emoji!  No one 10 years ago could feel predicted this, and it demonstrates explicitly the role that despatch via technology has in today’s amelioration. 

For this assignment, you get be creating a PowerPoint grant encircling liked amelioration, and this year’s Expression of the Year.  Look up Oxford Dictionaries’ most novel Expression of the Year and opine the cultural influences and uniformts that host this expression adoption.  What uniformts are akin to this expression and what is their appreciation?  How does this expression give itself in your own thoughts, experiences, and beliefs?  What is the affinity between the “Word of the Year” and the concept of Liked Culture?


Submission: A 10-12 slide PowerPoint grant or Prezi to address the questions posed overhead. Grasp debater notes or a voice-over, images, and videos where appropriate.  If you pick-out the voice-over liberty, you get upload your recording web amalgamate (URL). 

In your grant:

  • Clearly decipher the aim of the Expression of the Year.
  • Provide 4-5 specimens of cultural uniformts that led up to or evolved from this expression action.  
  • Reflect on thoughts, experiences, and beliefs concerning this expression’s action in company and your own estate.
  • Provide debater’s notes or a voice-over on the PowerPoint to accompany each slide.  If you pick-out the debater’s notes, the entirety expression calculate of your notes should be 750-1000 expression.  If you pick-out to invent a voice-over recording your grant should be 4-6 minutes covet.
  • Include a appellation slide and grasp your references page in APA format on the latest slide of the grant.

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