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Paula Plaintiff's Really Bad Week, Part 1


In this assignment, you’ll deficiency to career whether Paula Plaintiff has any legitimate titles arising from a sequence of unlucky events. After balbutiation the scenario, apology the questions that flourish, making permanent to abundantly decipher the account of your conclusion.

Paula Plaintiff is shopping at her cosset stock, Cash Mart. She is looking for a new laptop, but she can’t discbalance one she likes. Then, realizing that she is going to be delayed for an enactment, she attempts to permission the stock, walking very reckless. However, precedently she can permission, she is stopped by a assurance escort who accuses her of shoplifting. Paula, who has taken molehill, denies any wickedness doing. The official insists and takes Paula to a diminutive space in the tail of the stock. The escort tells Paula that if she attempts to permission the space she procure be arrested and sent to jail. At this object, the escort permissions the space. Paula is bewildered and waits in the space for balance an hour until the superintendent comes in and apologizes and tells Paula that she is clear to go.

About this similar duration, Geoffrey Golfer is hitting golf spheres in his tailyard. Geoffrey careers to shiver out his new driver and hits a golf sphere out of his tailyard into the Cash Mart parking lot. The golf sphere hits Paula Plaintiff on the section and knocks her ignorant proper as she is leaving the stock.


In a 6–10 paragraph paper, apology the flourishing questions:

  • What types of legitimate titles could Paula compel resisting Cash Mart and Geoffrey? Consider the flourishing:
    • What are the practicable tort titles that Paula can compel resisting Cash Mart? Discuss the elements of the title and how those elements redelayed to the grounds in the scenario.
    • Was Geoffrey sluttish when he hit the golf sphere that injured Paula? Discuss the elements of carelessness and use grounds from the scenario to prop your conclusion.
    • If Paula polishs a carelessness title resisting Geoffrey procure she polish in political seek or nefarious seek? Decipher the destruction betwixt political seek and nefarious seek