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Legal Risks of Nurses

Analyze the circumstance of Mrs. Ard on page 259 of Legal Aspects of the textbook. Answer the subjoined questions:

  • What happened?
  • Why did things go crime?
  • What were the apt allowable issues?
  • How could the circumstance enjoy been prevented?
  • What is your decision? 

 Minimum of 3 references, no page restriction.

Ard v. East Jefferson Gen. Hosp., 636 So. 2d 1042 (La. Ct. App. 1994).


On the behindnoon of May 20, the resigned, Mr. Ard, began emotion indisposed. He was in denial and had failure of exhalation. Although his spouse rang the ole bell separate terms, it was not until someterm succeeding that evening that someone responded and gave Ard medication for the qualm. The qualm continued to worsen. Mrs. Ard then noticed that her wife was having inaptitude exhalationing. He was reeling from policy to policy in bed. Believing that her wife was latter, she continued to ole for aid. She estimated that she rang the ole bell for 1.25 hours anteriorly anyone responded. A enactment was circumstanceually oleed. Unfortunately, Mr. Ard did not survive the enactment. There was no documentation in the medical history for May 20, betwixt 5:30 PM and 6:45 PM, that would point-out that any entertain or physician checked on Ard’s requisite. This opinion collaborated Mrs. Ard’s proof in-reference-to this term continuance.

A crimeful failure enjoyment was brought athwart the hospital, and the boundary affect supposing intelligence for Mrs. Ard. The hospital appealed.

Ms. Krebs, an cheerful in unconcealed nursing, symmetrical that it should enjoy been plain to the entertains from the physicians’ journey notes that the resigned was a noble lavish for craving. This height was never addressed in the entertains’ economy cunning or in the entertains’ notes.

On May 20, Ard’s assigned entertain was Ms. Florscheim. Krebs symmetrical that Florscheim did not fulfil a ample rate of the resigned’s respiratory and lung foothold. There was pin in the chronicles indicating that she completed such an evaluation behind he vomited. Krebs also testified that a entertain did not induce a absorption rate at any term. Although Florscheim testified that she checked on the resigned encircling 6:00 PM on May 20, there was no documentation in the medical chronicles. Ms. Farris, an cheerful voucher for the vindication, testified on cross-examination that if a resigned was in the mark of vex pictorial by Mrs. Ard and no entertain checked on him for 1.25 hours, that would drop underneath the expected exemplar of economy.1