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Brand Extension Marketing Plan

Introduction: The Assignment in this part is to full a rudiment of a Disgrace Extension Marketing Plan for one new consequence on the aid of an true for-profit construction. Using the Marketing Plan Pilot rest in Course Documents, full and present the succeedingcited rudiments of your Marketing Plan.

Unit 2: Identifying and Assessing Marketing Opportunities

Write a 1-provision abstract of the popular standing – transcribe this individuality succeeding completing the succeedingcited individualitys of the Standing Analysis, but put it in this regulate.

2.1 Communicate Summary
(Write this individuality succeeding completing 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.1.4, and 2.2) In a 1–2 provision abstract, oration:

  • What are your target customer groups? Why? 
  • What are your projections for the development of this communicate?

2.1.1 Communicate Demographics (connect to Chapter 8 of your Kotler extract for beneficial restrictions/explanations).

  • Carefully limit the demographic line of your target communicate. 
  • In a correspondent usage, limit the geographic target area you are choosing. 
  • What are the comportment factors that gain swing your decision-making? 
  • Define the esteems and conductstyles (psychographics) of your target communicate. 

2.1.2 Communicate Needs

  • What are the benefits that are momentous to your customer mean? 
  • What needs to they feel and how do you subordinatestand this? 

2.1.3 Communicate Trends

  • Identify and elucidate at smallest three trends that gain swing how your customers design your consequence. These should be trends going on in the assiduity or the environment; these are trends that your company/consequence can meet to in some way. Remember: Trends are crave account; fads are deficient account. 

2.1.4 Communicate Growth

  • Is the communicate growing, static, or powerless? What are the development trends? 
  • What is the appearance? What elaboration are you using to indicate communicate development? 
  • How gain you oration the communicate if it is growing, static, or powerless?

2.2 SWOT Separation (connect to Chapter 2 of your Kotler extract for a entire exposition of a SWOT separation)
2.2.1 Strengths: List and picture at smallest three confident interior aspects that add esteem.
2.2.2 Weaknesses: List and picture at smallest three privative interior aspects that locate you at competitive hindrance.
2.2.3 Opportunities: List and picture at smallest three opportunities apparent to your employment that gain transfer to your victory.
2.2.4 Threats: List and picture at smallest three threats apparent to your employment that gain sprudence your victory (Note: It is sordid to involve sudden acts of naturalness, empire and regulatory concerns, and emulation in this individuality of the SWOT).

2.3 Competition

  • Describe your emulation. 
  • Why gain customers pconnect your consequence? 
  • How gain you contend delay your emulation and win? 
  • What is the communicateing mix (price, locate, elevation, consequence, you subordinatestand them as “the 4 P’s of Marketing”) of at smallest one of your competitors?

2.4 Consequence Offering

  • What are the consequence/features/benefits? (we in-particular prudence about benefits as these are from the perspective of the target communicate)
  • Describe your Disgrace Equity Model and say how you gain raise disgrace equity for this consequence/service.

2.5 Keys to Success

  • List and picture at smallest three factors that gain indicate your victory. 

2.6 Critical Issues

  • How gain you leverage your SWOT strengths and opportunities to your practice? 
  • How gain you curtail the collision of your SWOT weaknesses and threats?
  • Where is your consequence in the consequence conduct cycle and why? Connect to your Kotler extract for a restriction of a consequence conduct cycle.


  • The pilot you should use for the Disgrace Extension Marketing Plan is in Course Documents subordinate Course Resources in the left navigation area.
  • The Kotler and Keller extract gain be very-much profitable to you when completing your Assignments. Be stable to redesign the Sample Marketing Plan (Pegasus Sports International) in Chapter 2 of your Kotler extract.

The rudiments of your Brand Extension Marketing Plan for Part 2 are evaluated using this rubric.

Directions for Submitting your Assignment
Compose your Assignment in a Word instrument and hinder it as Username GB530 Part 2 Assignment (Example: JSmith GB530 Part 2 Assignment.doc). Present your perfect by selecting the Part 2: Assignment Dropbox.