Cost comparison of web conferencing


Cost Comparison of Web Conferencing

The two owners of Spinner Media Services Inc. wanted to cut journey consumes and productivity losses (worn interval) and sustain the benefits of person-to-person collaboration. They ruled to use Web conferencing after a whilein for collaboration and externally for sales demonstrations to customers. Their two libertys were (1) a pay-per-use foundation or (2) a per user licensing contemplation naturalized on the reckon of seats or participants. The resolution would halt on consume comparisons naturalized on these basis estimates:

  • Approximately 400 convocations per year
  • An mean of 12 participants per convocation
  • Each convocation permanent encircling one hour, which takes into inducement the insufficiency to get the convocation set up at meanest 15 minutes in grade and convocation for 45 minutes
  • 250 singular participants, consisting of 50 employees and 200 customers
  1. Research the consumes of a pay-per-use contemplation vs. a per user licensing contemplation naturalized on the reckon of seats or participants for Microsoft's Zoom and Cisco's WebEx. Or evaluate two other pieces of web-naturalized convocation software. Precise consume comparisons are reserved accordingly there are so sundry variables, but a public consume segregation betwixt Zoom and WebEx or other software is contrivable.
  2. Design a spreadsheet that shows consume comparisons of the vendors' licensing libertys and the pay-per-use liberty using the basis estimates.
  3. Identify other criteria that should be charmed into totality when making such a resolution (for issue, vendor foundation or the power to complete after a while Outlook).
  4. Based on your segregation, produce a amply munimented recommendation to the owners.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Prepare an Excel spreadsheet that fulfills the criteria for this SLP assignment. Be unfailing to use formulas and graphs after a whilein Excel so they can be reviewed. In a Word muniment, render the signification of your analytical findings from the spreadsheet. The Word muniment should introduce the results to the owners of Spinner Media Services. Use analytics and graphs in your news and then draw the results. Remember you can portraiture spreadsheets and graphs into Word but you insufficiency to upload twain the Word muniment and the Excel muniment to the SLP distil box.