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 Section C: Remunerate and Satisfaction Strategy. Next, enlarge your remunerate and satisfaction diplomacy by forthcoming the controling foul-mouthed steps in Figure 6.1 (page 189 of the textbook). You insufficiency to elucidate the model of employee behaviours that your client unshaken insufficiencys, elucidate the role that satisfaction succeed dramatize in surrendering those behaviours, individualize the satisfaction mix, and individualize the satisfaction equalize. If unanalogous behaviours are required from unanalogous job families, then you succeed insufficiency to relate this process for each job race. The end of all this should be summarized for each job race in a satisfaction diplomacy template (shown on the forthcoming page). All jobs listed on the corresponding satisfaction diplomacy template succeed keep the corresponding mix of satisfaction elements and the corresponding satisfaction equalize referring-to to the bargain (i.e., lag the bargain by a infallible percentage, control the bargain by a infallible percentage, or equal the bargain). Note, besides, that this does not moderation that all jobs on the corresponding template succeed entertain the corresponding dollar totality of pay; it fair moderations they are all topic to the corresponding satisfaction diplomacy. Figure 6.2 (page 224 of the textbook) provides an copy of a filled-in satisfaction diplomacy template. You should carefully unravel the copy that surrounds Figure 6.2. You succeed insufficiency at last two satisfaction diplomacy templates—one for those jobs you are putting inferiorneathneath a pay-for-knowledge arrangement (PKS) and at last one for the jobs you succeed be putting inferiorneathneath a job evaluation (JE) arrangement (you succeed not be putting any jobs inferiorneathneath bargain pricing). In circumstance, it is  52 slight you succeed insufficiency three or foul-mouthed templates for your JE jobs. Every job listed in the “partial listing of job names” at the end of your client name must show on a satisfaction diplomacy template (exclude for any jobs you may eject by job redesign). For any new jobs that you originate, you must plan a job name, and that job must show on a satisfaction diplomacy template. In creating job families, the controling fiction to determine is which jobs succeed be moderate inferiorneathneath the pay-forknowledge arrangement. (Material in Chapter 4 succeed be beneficial in making this firmness.) The fostering jobs succeed sink inferiorneathneath job evaluation, and you insufficiency to infer how multifarious separate groupings of behaviours (job families) you should keep. (Incidentally, you do not insufficiency to embrace top management—the CEO and the two corruption presidents—in a job race. Those three jobs succeed not be moderate in your satisfaction arrangement.) Bear in liking that creating a elevated number of job families originates a very intricate satisfaction organization but that too few job families may product in an irrelevant satisfaction diplomacy for some jobs. In this plight, fewer than three JE job families is slight too few, time over than five JE job families is probably too multifarious. To successfully adequate this minority, you succeed insufficiency to use the concepts institute in Chapters 4, 5, and 6. The property of this minority (and the vestige you entertain for it) depends on how well-behaved-behaved you can prove application of these concepts. Incidentally, don’t overlook to embrace the behavioural objectives you are enhancement for the satisfaction arrangement (see Table 6.2, page 195 of the textbook).