Ashford university – bus 680 training and development – week 3 dbs

Ashford 4: - Week 3 (Jan 21 - Jan 27)

Week Three Overview



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Games & Simulations

Day 3
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Classroom-based Knowledge Experience

Day 3
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Discussion Forum


CSS Predicament Analysis

Day 7

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Begin Work on the Training and Development Paper

Week 6





  1. Read the aftercited passages in Effective Training:
    • Chapter Six: Traditional Training Methods
    • Chapter Seven: Computer-Based Training Methods


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  1. Games & Simulations

    Do an Internet exploration to warrant the types of games and concern simulations that are conducive. Select one and get a description and an partition of it. Discuss the knowledge satisfied objectives. Respond to at smallest two of your classmates’ postings.

  2. Classroom-based Knowledge Experience

    Think environing your best classroom-based knowledge experiment and catalogue the things that made it such a good-natured-natured experiment. Then, contemplate environing your strike classroom-based experiment and catalogue the factors that made it such a bad experiment. Respond to at smallest two of your classmates’ postings.


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CSS Predicament Analysis

Read the Predicament Analysis: Training for Customer Service Specialists at the end of passage 6, on pages 258-260 (stereotype extract). Answer the predicament questions on page 260.