You are the business owner

 i scarcity this in proximate 24 hours. there are two assignments.  assignment 1  You are the profession possessor of a national pureing advantage, and you keep been thinking environing implementing a counsel skillful-treatment scheme for your pureing technicians, in-particular for those who troubleshoot and clear-up pureing problems, such as removing regular consultation and water stains, addressing configure, and selecting the fit tools and products to use for other symbols of pureing issues. You are thinking environing this owing there are times when some of your pureing technicians perceive how to fitly pure consultations and others do not. Providing a instrumentte counsel magazine could aid portion-out pureing counsel unordered your pureing technicians. After you chose your scenario (A or B), pacify a pamphlet that addresses the elements listed under.  Decipher the role of counsel skillful-treatment schemes.  Decipher what is meant by fitted schemes.  Decipher what is meant by satisfied skillful-treatment schemes.  Discuss how the profession in the separated scenario could behoof from an fitted scheme and a satisfied skillful-treatment scheme, and contribute two samples for each symbol of scheme.  Discuss how the profession in the separated scenario could behoof from profession conversance, and contribute two samples of these behoofs.  Discuss how the profession in the separated scenario can use gregarious instrument to not solely accomplish counsel and counsel but to portion-out it as courteous, and contribute two samples of how the profession agency use gregarious instrument counsel schemes. Your pamphlet must be at meanest two pages in diffusiveness (not counting the inscription and allusion pages), and you must to-boot use at meanest two knowing founts. Any counsel from a fount must be cited and allusiond in APA format, and your pamphlet must be formatted in harmony to APA guidelines.  assignment 2  PowerPoint Presentation, you obtain endure to exertion on your mode contrivance, and you obtain bestow on the ways in which your separated form obtain impoverish hallucinations in message. Start by scrutinying your form, and determine if they keep made an hallucination in message through an advertisement, consumer plan, or vocal actions to employees. If they keep, you obtain decipher that hallucination in your bestowation. If not, content scrutiny another form that has, and use this as an sample of a plight to fly. Continuing in your role as the CEO of the form you chose in the Unit III Assignment, generate a bestowation to bestow to your employees that deciphers the message slips and your answers to fly them in the advenient. Grasp the components listed under in your bestowation. 1. If your form committed a message slip, sketch the message hallucination and what went crime (highlight the shortfalls). If you scrutinyed an sample, portion-out the sample delay your form, and decipher what happened and how you can collect from it. 2. Sketch your suggested answer(s) to fix the problem and what processes from Chapter 9 in your textbook can be implemented. 3. Decipher what your form can collect from this reach and ways to reform message in the advenient. 4. Support your exertion delay a allusions slide.  Your completed PowerPoint bestowation should grasp a stint of seven slides, not counting the inscription and allusion slides. You must allusion the textbook at a stint.