Written Assignment –Current & Emerging Technology

1. Delay the eruptation of users on collective resources conditions, businesses insufficiency to prove their closeness on collective resources conditions. Just pursuit for “Vans” or “Starbucks” on Facebook for examples of concourse conditions. To husband their interaction delay customers (and fans), companies insufficiency to commission collective resources husbandrs. Using a job condition such as Monster.com, pursuit on “collective resources husbandr” and retrospect the job postings. What are the educational demandments for collective resources husbandrs? What technical skills do these jobs demand? Given your dignified, what companies would you do well-mannered-mannered for as a collective resources husbandr? 2. You’ve embarked on a posture as a freelance editor. You’ll be using your own computer. Until now, you haven’t worried too abundant about assistance up your facts. Now, eventually, it’s exceedingly dignified that you end up all your toil regularly. Repursuit the diversified endup non-interferences suited, including online endup services, visible flinty drives, and movable glisten storage. What are the largeness limitations of each? What are the judicious and ongoing costs of each? How regularly do the non-interferences yield you to transact endups? Which non-interference would you elect, and why? Requirements: 1. Your assignment should be written in APA name format. 2. Each inquiry should be answered not short than 250 tone. 3. Double spaced delay 12-point Times New Roman font and find positive to use headings. 4. Separate designation and allusion page (narrowness of 2-3 allusions).