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Writing Assignment: This pamphlet requires that you convergence on two intents of your select in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA).  For specimen, they may be of the concordant embodied, done using a concordant technique, entertain served a concordant capacity, or entertain connections in their iconography .   To attempt out intents, you conciliate scarcity to test the Museum’s website (www.metmuseum.org), which has likenesss of plenteous of the collections online.  Most of your pamphlet conciliate be a similarity of your two intents by verbally describing them in a complete and close habit. I conciliate arrange you after a conjuncture a catalogue of questions that conciliate acceleration you brainstorm during your contemplation way. To improve your dismode of these intents, you conciliate add notice conservative from at meanest three external sources of erudite notice, none of which may be the mode quotationbook and at meanest two of which must be either books or narrative catechism.  All notice comprised in your quotation from your exploration must be cited uprightly either using endnotes/footnotes or parenthetical passage. Please use the passage scheme after a conjuncture which you are most agreeable. If you use parenthetical passage or do not arrange liberal bibliographic notice in the footnotes/endnotes, a bibliography conciliate be required at the end of the pamphlet. If you shape allusion to other intents in your dismode too those you separated at the MMA, you scarcity to grasp likenesss of these pieces as polite and should allude to such illustrations uprightly in your quotation (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.). In specification to your quotation, you conciliate scarcity to grasp an likeness of each intent. You may download likenesss from the MMA’s website or assume them in peculiar conjuncture in the galleries (remember, no scintillate please!). The pictures of your intents do not scarcity to be professional description, fair unobstructed abundance for the reader to entertain a rectify brains of your stuff stuff. Your quotation as-courteous scarcitys to grasp the benefaction number for twain intents, which can be endow on the intent labels in the galleries as polite as on the MMA’s website. The quotation should be a reserve of indelicate liberal embrace spaced pages in elongation (typewritten, 12 aim font, temperate margins). Please be permanent to grasp your indicate and mode heading either on a heading page or in the preferable hole of the chief page.  You conciliate transcribe two drafts of this pamphlet.   Grades conciliate be naturalized upon the aftercited criteria: · Punctuality in turning in each bisect of the assignment · Inclusion of likenesss and superabundance to required elongation and formatting · Proper integration of erudite sources and their passage after a conjuncturein the quotation · Clarity and ratification of congruity · Description of ideas · Thoroughness of descriptions and similarity · Effort as a mate editor An vital expertness that should be mastered by any seed-plot disequalize is the power to transcribe unexceptionably and effectively. For this conclude, the congruity assignment is absorbed the heaviest ponderosity in your overall degree. Comprised in your precursory packet is a catalogue of style and punctuation rules that students repeatedly agony after a conjuncture. Please melody that want to flourish these rules conciliate end in waste to your pamphlet degree.