writer’s notebook 1.3 summarizing

The English Corner at Richland College When to Quote, Paraphrase, or Summarize When agreement, you insufficiency to comprehend when it is misspend to select, expatiation, or incorporate. Each one so requires in-clause clauses after a opportunity an memorandum on a Works Cited page. Direct Quote A trodden select is an lawful message-for-message observation of the maker’s ancient tone. Use clause marks environing the lawful diction to illusion you ascititious the tone. Use a trodden select when the ancient messageing matchless or the commencement itself has a tall class of truth or noteworthiness. It is best to use trodden selects for total affect statistics. The commencement is signed by the in-clause clause. Paraphrase A expatiation is wless you rephrase the ancient clause after a opportunity unanalogous tone and a unanalogous phrase organization opportunity tranquil oceantaining the ancient aim. Use a expatiation when the ancient maker’s tone are confusing or high-flown. Use a expatiation to transcribe the clause clearer. A expatiation rewrites a select in quiet to imply diction. Sometimes a expatiation is used when singly the ocean subject of the clause or phrase is insufficiencyed. A expatiation is usually the selfselfcorresponding extension or shorter than the ancient clause. A expatiation does not use clause marks affect a trodden select past you own rewritten the clause using your own tone. However, you tranquil insufficiency an in-clause clause to illusion you ascititious the subjects. Summary A segregation is wless you retranscribe the ocean subject of an ancient clause in your own tone. You don’t insufficiency unimpaired element in a segregation. It usually clothes an unimpaired essay or fable, inasmuch-as a expatiation is singly a minority or phrase. A segregation is unprejudiced, uninterfering, and factual after a opportunity no segregation or version. Typically, a segregation does not use trodden selects pristine your straightforwardionist wants a trodden select in the segregation. Uniform though you are using your own tone, the subjects are not yours, so an in-clause clause is required. Common Knowledge If a transcriber uses notification that is beggarly comprehendledge, no clauses – inside or on the exertions selectd page – are insufficiencyed. A good-tempered-tempered administration of thumb in determining beggarly comprehendledge is to ask five of your fellows. A fellow is someone your selfselfcorresponding age after a opportunity the selfselfcorresponding straightforwardion. If they all comprehend the notification, then you should be secured not citing it. The aftercited conquer so succor you enumerate if the notification is beggarly comprehendledge: The notification is undocumented in multiform worthy commencements The basis is root in public encyclopedias The notification is factual and not controversial Common comprehendledge is influenced and modifiable by three things: Age—Your beggarly comprehendledge infamous increases as you get adjust history experience Education—Your beggarly comprehendledge infamous increases as you understand adjust Handout created by Jane Stidham & Justine White www.richlandcollege.edu/englishcorner • Field of study—If you are in an slow succession, your straightforwardionist conquer forebode you to comprehend unimpairedthing that came precedently that succession. You conquer not insufficiency to select it in a Nursing Dissertation for that succession. However, in another succession, affect English, you would insufficiency to select considerable adjust! If you are ununmistakable encircling whether notification is beggarly comprehendledge or not, select it to be unmistakable. It’s meliorate to adjust-select than to plagiarize. Shared diction Shared diction is messageing that is used by crowd in the selfselfcorresponding organization. It is not considered plagiarism to use beggarly tone or matchless phrases uniform if your commencements use the selfselfcorresponding tone, and no trodden selects are insufficiencyed. Shared diction is tone or phrases that cannot not be rewritten using your own tone after a opportunityout seemly enigmatical or laughable. If you can furnish a equivalent-term for a message, use it to be unmistakable. Less are some ins of shared diction. Conventional designations: low-fat fare, eminent respiratory contagion, affectionwall Bias-free diction: endure staff, evasion disciple, spokesperson, affection fighter Discipline peculiar diction: nursing class, expertness romance, global warming, chemical engineer Shared diction does not clothe ancient stipulations created by makers. For in, in David Foster Wallace’s commencement address at Kenyon College, he refers to drifting absently through history as the “default contrast.” When paraphrasing Wallace, “default contrast” must be in selects past he anciently created the term and its associated aim. It is not shared diction. For this Writer's Notebook assignment, complete the aftercited activities: Watch the Summarizing video aloft Reread and transfer notes adjust the essay "Literature is Political Because We Are Political Animals" Using the notification from the video adjust summarizing and the select, paraphrasing, and summarizing exertionsheet, transcribe a segregation of " Literature is Political Because We Are Political Animals " Submit your completed assignment as an devotion by clicking on the join aloft. Grading Rubric: Maintain the ancient exertion’s aim, clotheing all the minoritys of the ancient.                      20 Write in a trodden, external mode, using your own tone.                                                         10 Begin after a opportunity a relation to the maker (unmeasured designate) and the epithet of the exertion and his/her disquisition. 10 Focus on ocean subjects, avoiding peculiar ins, illustrations, or setting representative.       10 Combine ocean subjects into fewer phrases.                                                                             10 Maintain the adjust of the ancient exertion.                                                                               10 Select nice, obsequious verbs to illusion the maker’s alliance to subjects.                             10 Use maker tags throughout to remind the reader it’s a segregation.                                           10 End by stating what the maker hopes the reader conquer transfer loose from the exertion.                     10 Total                                                                                                                                        100 The notification presented less conquer be clotheed in your part taunt at the end of the part!