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What conceptions of citizenship do you reckon opposed groups of voters had in the 2016 presidential choice?  How do these conceptions assume commonalty in the United States now? OUTLINE: Aspects of an conducive outline Hierarchy of ideas (structure) Defines the office of each idea Topic passage: defines a paragraph Major specialty: buttresss the question passage and is usually a concept of some kind Minor specialty: buttresss a superior specialty and is frequently a inequitable, particularized in, repeat, statistic, or sense Content: evaluating your ideas Order: there should be a argumentative way to embody the ideas Chronological: develops concurrently a age line Spatial: develops in a tangible space Example: from US regions—West, Mountains, Plains, Midwest, East Coast, South Importance From most to smallest important From smallest to most important Quantity: there should be plenty illustration to perspicuously bring-about your summit Are there any concepts that want attached sense or illustration to buttress? Are there any stipulations that the reader strength not recognize that want restriction? Quality: the summits should be inequitable and amply understood Organization Unity Every summit that is made pertains to the thesis Coherence All the summits transition well Transitions are relations, so there wants to be an apparent relation betwixt ideas