Fair-Minded Qualities After balbutiation this week’s lectures on the qualities of a Fair-Minded Thinker, chosen one temper you arrive-at you own and delineate how you integrate this temper. Next, chosen two qualities you arrive-at you deficiency to better upon. Using the five trudge judgment making manner delineationd underneath, generate a drawing of operation to better in those areas. Please be strong to delineation the local trudges you’ll captivate to subdue any obstacles you visage. Your completed assignment should be written largely in highest individual and should be 500-750 tone in protraction. If you use founts in your agreement, be strong to confirm them. If you use any frequented speech from a fount, be strong to situate those tone in quotation marks. Decision Making Process Step One: As explicitly as potential, specify the judgment you are visaged delay. Step Two: Consider each potential select you enjoy for resolving the end. Step Three: Gather as abundantly appropriate advice as era allows, and confirm the pros and cons of each of the selects you enjoy to clear-up your end. Step Four: Based on your inventory of pros and cons, elect the best manner for resolving the end. Step Five: Construct a drawing of operation to tool your manner (be strong to license yourself ample flexibility to frame adjustments as compulsory). Characteristics of Fair-Minded Thinkers: Intellectual autonomy Intellectual courage Intellectual empathy Intellectual humility Intellectual integrity Intellectual perseverance Intellectual consciousness of justice Intellectual faith in reason   Fair-Minded Thinking