Summary: Journaling allows novices to pointed thoughts and feelings concerning aspects of the weekly clinical proof.  It is not an recital of tasks performed but rather a way of one-to-one message delay your educationist of your innermost feelings about your day of enduring wariness. It is reserved for educationists to know-again all challenges or successes that a novice capability proof. Your register offers the educationist a accident to confer you prop through feedback. During this career you achieve binder a self-reflective register. Entries are to be made at the inauguration and at the end of the career using the Register Tool in D2L. Directions: You are required to resign 2 registers: For register #2: due week 8 Create an register that synthesizes and identifies the key components of the career for you. Discuss how this achieve be implemented into your new role as an past exercitation nurse.   Identify challenges you encountered delay the career, or career pleased. Identify 2-4 indisputable or privative thoughts, feelings, or emotions that occurred as a conclusion of any cognizance and exercitation alter that you own proofd at the end of the career Submit 1-2 pages