Week 8/Module 8 Written Assignment

 Module 08 Exhibition SubmissionScoring Rubric:CriteriaPointsIn this revealion, you achieve explain: The medication blunder that you chose in detailThe impression it has on the staff, structure, and soundness circumspection resignedWhat are the unfair risks to the resigned and what can be manufactured to frustrate this blunder from betidering?You must arrange a handout in the construct of a 10-minute PowerPoint revealion that is interesting to the parley and gives unfair examples of the blunder. The revealion must be betwixt 10-15 slides and achieve be presented in Module 08. Please arrange 2-3 conversant alludeences     Medication blunder s are increasing and can betide at any apex in the soundness circumspection endowment rule. These blunders are repeatedly a frustrateable befallrence that repeatedly space leads to resigned injury. Acknowledging that blunders betide, knowledge from those blunders, and instituted to frustrate coming blunders represents a senior veer in the refinement of soundness circumspection. It is repeatedly troublesome to defend an blunder has betidered, but a transfer from reprobate and fare to decomposition of the motive achieve succor to mend the soundness circumspection rules. Every soundness circumspection arranger has a part to interpret what can motive these blunders and what can be manufactured to frustrate them from betidering. This interpreting achieve generate a safer instituted environment for twain resigneds and workers.List what you price are some of the most dishonorable medication blunders, why the blunders betide and how they can be frustrateed.Please construct an judicious post by midweek, and tally to at meanest two other student's posts after a while solid details that conduct an interpreting of the concepts, and ticklish thinking. Remember that your posts must reveal misspend writing mechanics including using own expression, friendliness, and own expression and punctuation. If you allude to any beyond sources or alludeence materials be knowing to arrange own attribution and/or extract.Please repress the