week 5 CMGT

   There is no such being as a bug-free IT design. Accordingly bugs are a take-placerence of IT design career, IT design managers must sonorous a order for identifying, trailing, and handling the bugs that obtain inevitably take-place. In specificization, accordingly technical and concern requirements substitute regularly, IT design managers must as-well delineation to log and trail requests for new characteristics and functionality. Read the subjoined linked muniments: “Visual Studio – Manage Bugs“: This time describes the order      of trailing bugs in Visual Studio, a beloved .NET outgrowth cortege      created by Microsoft®. “What Is a Bug and Issue      Tracking Tool?“: This time describes the order of trailing bugs      in Jira, a beloved bug trailing and design conduct cat's-paw created by      Atlassian. Create a 3-page Microsoft® Word muniment of a bug trailing order for the design you created in the specific assignments in Assignment Weeks 2 and 3. Be secure to segregate among bugs and characteristic requests. For this assignment, you obtain merely be trailing bugs. Your trailing order must include: Description of software you move      using for bug trailing (in-house familiar or third-party) Description of issues that obtain be considered      bugs (vs. characteristic requests) Description of who obtain use the rule      to trail bugs Description of who obtain warner the      system, ensue up delay the requestor as requisite, and appliance the bug      fixes Description of bug-related instruction (such as a choice trailing reckon, denomination, assignee, etc.) requisite to identify, fix, and