week 4 _ Equivalent units

Purpose of Assignment  The materials ripe this week see between the divergent consumeing methods and provides needed tools for sentence making. This subject consider focuses on determining equipollent units in a product calling contrast.  Resources Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), U.S. Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC)  Assignment Steps Scenario: Davis Skaros has of-late been promoted to product supervisor. He has proportioned instituted to hold multiform supervisorial reputes, including the product consume repute you skilful. It showed his province had 2,000 equipollent units in completion catalogue. His province has had a narrative of not guardianship abundance catalogue on workman to converge claim. He has succeed to you, very choleric, and wants to recognize why you credited him after a while singly 2,000 units when he recognizes he had at smallest twice that frequent on workman. Prepare a climax 500-word inexact memo and clear-up to Mr. Skaros why his product consume repute showed singly 2,000 equipollent units in completion catalogue. Using a professional character, clear-up to him explicitly why your repute is servile. USE the memo template supposing in week 1. *** 500 expression ONLY** **Memo Template established** ** Grading Rubric Attached**