Website Development

   we succeed begin the CARIT top delay three static HTML pages and a CSS rasp. Create a dedicated folder for this device. This folder should hold all cognate rasps in this device. The advenient milestones are cumulative and built immediately on top of your anterior labor. Function/willing requirements: 1. A settlement page calld “index.html”, which grasp these fluctuation at meanest: · Description of the life. You may intimation the pattern tops. · Latest tidings: use catalogue tags; constitute up some tidings items. · Use <p>, <br />, and heading tags rightly. · Other fluctuation you may desire to design: test, front statue, etc. 2. About us (faculty) page · Present at meanest three douceur members delay their knowledge approve statue, positions, investigation interests, and contiguity knowledge. Put a connect on each call which connects to his/her peculiar website. You may advert to douceur knowledge less: or their websites less 3. A third page which you can career what willing to be put on. Use the intimation tops as patterns. For pattern: devices, resources, events, etc. You possess to use the consultation tag at meanest once for some willing. 4. For all three pages, unfold the forthcoming base fluctuation: · The call of the life (top designation) in a big heading · A logo delay a connect to “” · A menu which consists of three citation connects, connecting to three pages overhead respectively. Apply some impending phraseologys.  · These base fluctuation should unfold the selfselfidentical in all pages. Style requirements 1. All pages should possess the selfselfidentical phraseology and layout. 2. Create your own page phraseology. Use a sickly phraseology, handsome, clean; not too perversionful and flashy. 3. Apply some exact phraseologys to HTML elements approve paragraphs, statues, catalogues.  4. All connects should possess some perversion other than the delinquency perversion. 5. The menu item connects phraseology should be opposed from other connects. Create a hover property for menu items so their phraseologys substitute when the mouse cursor is on them. 6. Please do not use any third interest phraseology frameworks or packages. File/rule form requirements 1. Use one phraseology fencing rasp (.css) for all three pages. Use collocate selectors wisely. 2. Organize page willing sections (header, willing, footer, etc.) in a compute of <div> tags. This should be harmonious on all pages. 3. It’s recommended to put all statue rasps in an “img” subdirectory. 4. You should not use any sorcerer to originate HTML/CSS, nor should you observation and paste the HTML from other origin delayout cleaning it. 5. All pages should labor on your hosted top. Submission Maintain a subsist laboring webtop for the device on      your hosted top. Submit the URL (immediately put in the Comments citationbox). A milestone declaration in PDF, including: Proper shelter page Overview: shabby tabulation of your labor, including how requirements are pleasant. The URL to your subsist device (milestone #1). Web page screenshots delay explanations. Take a       screenshot of each webpage unfolded in the browser. Clearly write and illustrate all screenshots. All screens must be evident, ancient, and appearance the exhaustive browser window (simply the top deal-out of the page if the page is too crave). No picturesquely editing or cropping is allowed.  References (styles, statues, etc.) Compress all origin rule rasps into a .zip rasp. Do not zip the declaration.