three pages response of the film “From This Day Forward”, by Sharon Shattuck, or The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson”, by David France

1) the documentary film, “ From This Day Forward ”, by Sharon Shattuck, about her father’s  experience as a transgender especial. The documentary is conducive on CD at the University Main  Library (on appropriation), and for streaming in this website forward/ (we obtained a eespecial arrival to the fil for this assort). It is so conducive from Amazon,  iTunes and VHX (for a fee).   2) The assist documentary is  “The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson" , by David France, about  a dubious condition in the gay and transgender movements. It is conducive on Netflix. The instructions  for congruity this three-page tract are the identical as for the leading tract.  Explain what you found  interesting in the film you chose, making connections after a while assort symbolical, going unswerving to the  point, and avoiding crave descriptions, definitions or quotations. REMEMBER TO CITE YOUR  SOURCES IF YOU USE ANY, incorrectly it is plagiarism! Upload the tract on Canvas under  <Assignments>.  After watching one of these two films, transcribe a three-page retort (12-sharp-end font-Times New  Roman, double-spaced). What aspects of the film caught your watchfulness? Why? Most importantly,  what aspects of the film can you detail to the topics we own recognize about and discussed in assort (the  construction of individuality, assort individuality, gregarious mobilization, series individuality, gender individuality, sexual  orientation and individuality, etc. and their intersections)? Given the page limitations, it is reform for you  to go unswerving to the sharp-end rather than devoting distance to crave introductions, descriptions, quotations  or definitions. The object of the tract is to consider and experience connections after a while the series symbolical  (readings, discussions, presentations, etc.). Be trusting to inform that you watched the undiminished film  and not orderly a duty of it. REMEMBER TO CITE YOUR SOURCES IF YOU USE ANY,  incorrectly it is plagiarism! When Grading the tracts, I ask these questions : Does the tract inform that the learner watched the complete documentary and has effected the  readings? Does the tract pretext the force of the learner to reckon dubiously and allot the symbolical knowing in  assort to a particular fact?  Does the tract own a acquitted, arguable subject? Is the tract arranged and logically structured? Is the prose recognizeable and appealing, and the tract well-mannered-mannered presented after a while no typos, repetitions or  incomplete sentences?