Theories of Delinquent Behavior

There are sundry theories that teach why pubescents befit criminal. Some of the sociological theories comprise anomie, political subversion, meaning doctrine, and differential community doctrine. Locate a sociological doctrine (it does not own to be one of the theories listed previously), and teach that doctrine delay its appurtenancy to pubescent crime. Please hush that sociological theories recount to sodality and apparent influences balance a pubescent, not subjective influences (which recount to internalization delayin a idiosyncratic) or biological influences (which sympathy natural problems).You are a sociologist, and you are noticing that the pubescents in your area are starting to action lawful problems and are initiation to balanceload the pubescent flatter rule. Once you flow on the doctrine, relate how it recounts to pubescents by teaching what the doctrine believes actions the pubescent problems.Explain what you could do in your collocation to aid in alleviating these problems.  3-4 pages APA style new times roman 12 pt. references