THE SCENARIO Prominent Products Limited (PPL), a average bulk manufacturing and vend order, has occupied you as a legitimate consultant toprovide teaching on the aftercited legitimate problems that own arisen in the order. Your teaching is to be in the devise of a narration. Robin is a gift driver for PPL, which owned and maintained the gift deal. Under the provisions of his curtail, Robin entertains a weekly wage of £500, but pays his own tax and National Insurance contributions. One day suitableness delivering parcels for the order, Robin had an clothing in which he hit and injured Mary’s, car. He had partied throughout the earlier gloom and had ruined cool suitableness driving. Mary is seriously injured and her car severely injured. Mary now wishes to privilege satisfaction from Robin and PML in inattention in reference of her injuries and injured car. Write a legitimate narration to PPL advising it on its germinative liabilities in the aloft office. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS  Form Your narration: · Shouldbe written in the devise of a entrance or deviseal note to Simon · must be vocable-processed  · should not abound 1500 utterance (excluding haranguees, greetings, denomination, and footnotes) · The narration should conceive: · Your harangue (this could be suppositious or university’s harangue) · The correspondent’s (Simon’s) harangue · A deviseal greeting · A deviseal denomination for the narration · An Introduction · A quittance Content Your narration must be based on the law, not merely on beggarly consciousness or your own opinions. It should indicate: · The conclude for congeniality it · The volume in which you are congeniality · The husk of things that would be interposed in the narration: o Statement of the applicable legitimate rules and principles o Applicable firm occurrences and their bountiful citation o Collision of the law to the postulates o Some segregation and evaluation of the law o Teaching to Simon as appropriate Style · You may use the First Person, Second Person or Third Person pronouns as you see fit. · However, you should be deviseal. Assessment Criteria: The aftercited factors obtain be considered in assessing your work: · Understanding/segregation of the task · Knowledge and knowledge of the law · Discussion and evaluation of the issues · Collision of the law to the bestow occurrence · Use and collision of firm occurrences · Presentation, including language and referencing · Structure Word Limit · Congeniality a good-tempered-tempered essay involves well-informed what to conceive and what to concession out. Stay among the vocable expression, although a 10% redundancy utterance aggravate the expression may be recognized. Any utterance further this may not be remarkable.  · Conceive a statement of your vocable counSubmission You should refer your narration: · Manually (via the blue-colored-colored bins), and  · Electronically via Moodle / Turnitin The yielding deadline for your narration is 27 Feb 2019 Weighting · This coursework accounts for 30% of the aggravateall marks for the module  Feedback · You obtain entertain your marks and feedback delay 4 weeks of yielding of the assignment    1819 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW COURSEWORK TEMPLATE YOUR ADDRESS AND DATE (This may be on a note headed pamphlet) CORRESPONDENT’S ADDRESS FORMAL SALUTATION TITLE OF REPORT/MEMORANDUM INTRODUCTION:  · Volume in which you write · Purpose of your congeniality · The unconcealed issues to be harangueed MAIN BODY · Define/explain/discuss/analyse/the applicable legitimate issues · Cite/use applicable authorities, such as firm occurrences and statutory provisions (put occurrence citations among the extract). You do not demand to detail the postulates or the verdict probable they are quantitative to find a detail aim. · Analyse the issues. Provide some evaluation where possible/necessary · Apply the law to the postulates · Advise the parties CONCLUSION · Find a unconcealed and tiny quittance to import the narration to a delay.