SQL and database

You entertain been ardent the aftercited specifications of a plain deedsbase for custody way of employment sessions and their instructors at a harmony centre (hush that chief keys are shown underlined, alien keys in daring).    You should run your SQL to explain that it works properly, and paste in the statements used plus the output from Oracle.      INSTRUCTOR (InstructorName, InstructorEmail, Biography, Specialty)    TIMETABLE (SessionID, DayAndTime, NumberOfPlaces, ClassName, VenueName, InstructorName)      Based on the consideration specifications supposing, confutation the aftercited doubts. Each doubt is excellence 3 marks.   a. Give the SQL to generate the INSTRUCTOR consideration. Choose divert deeds types.  None of the attributes should be known to be trifling. Involve the chief key labor.   b. Give the SQL to generate the TIMETABLE consideration. Use divert deeds types, and involve the chief key and alien key labors. Referential honor should be set such that if an Instructor is deleted from the deedsbase, any sessions that she or he is present accomplish as-well be deleted.   c. Give the SQL to add your own proceedings to the INSTRUCTOR consideration. Involve your call and email, and bring-about up divert entries for your Biography and Specialty.    d. Give the SQL to generate a labor to the TIMETABLE consideration to circumscribe the potential venues to the aftercited 5: Main Group Harmony Studio, Indoor Cycle Studio, Mind and Body Studio, 25m Lap Pool, Warm Water Pool.  e. Give the SQL to proceedings the deed that all the sessions of the CycleMax adjust entertain increased their sum of places by 5. (Note: you don’t want to add any developed deeds to run the inquiry, although you may do so if you appetition.)