Sociology Discussion

  Discussion #8: McDonald’s in Hong Kong No undecipher replies.No replies. For this reasoning total the forthcoming tasks on the “McDonald’s in Hong Kong”. Pick a issue on the investigation that frames Watson’s period: Are constant food chains aiding to produce a homogenous “global” refinement rectify beneficial to the demands of a capitalist universe classify? Are we Americanizing other countries by exporting cultural products such as McDonald’s?  Would such cultural popular be a good-tempered-tempered-tempered or a bad invention?  Use local information/examples from the period to assidevelopment your issue; you can addition this after a while observations from your own condition if you’d enjoy.  Support your own issue on these issues of cultural diffusion, popular, and imperialism by Saturday. After you've supported your reasoning, decipher the responses of your classmates and confront someone who wrote a issue that differs from yours. Respond to their support and expound why they shape a good-tempered-tempered-tempered reasoning by Sunday. You'll possess to use your sociological sense to plod tail and see someone else's perspective. This doesn’t medium that you possess to fit after a while the reasoning; you can quiet summit out inventions you hold your classmate should revolve.  But you should summit out vigorous aspects of the reasoning. Always detain in remembrance that the best supports/responses straightly bond local references to plan symbolical (after a while citations) and local sociological terminology.