SCI 207 Our Dependence upon the Environment WK1-J

  Ecological Footprint Update and Method Reflections [WLOs: 1, 2, 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] Welcome to SCI207! Throughout this method, you conquer be asked to obey a  archives environing your proof in the tabulate. The design of this  activity is to empower you to heed on your acquireing: what new things  you bear discovered, what surprises you bear encountered, what subject-matters or  ideas you bear root chiefly challenging, and how the method is  going for you. During the five weeks in which you are participating in  the Environmental Footprint Reduction Project, in Week 2 through Week 4  you conquer besides use this archives as a room for a advancement reverberation on your  efforts. Your entries conquer be evaluated in provisions of how courteous they met  the subject-matter and extension requirements, and your congruity clarity.  Complete the following: In the highest condition or two of your highest archives memorandum, conciliateing  heed on your foregoing proofs, if any after a while environmental skill  and environmental issues. What new things do you confidence to acquire in this  course? What concerns or fears do you bear environing this tabulate? What  strategies to you scheme to put in attribute to oration them? In another one or two conditions, divide your thoughts environing the  highest week of tabulate. What did you acquire? What proofs await out for  you? What tasks or conciliateing did you ascertain opposed or frustrating? What  activities did you ascertain wonderful or animated? Looking onwards, what are  your intrigued or unquiet by in the cooperate week of the method? Finally, fabricate a roll of at last five lifestyle changes you scheme to  commit to making for your method-long Ecological Footprint Reduction  Project.  Once you bear recitative them in your archives, you should start  taking those steps and obeying a weekly archives archives of your efforts.  You conquer reverberation on the results in a tabulate argument in Week 5.