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A technical description (as-well or-laws description) is a muniment that describes the mode, advancement, or results of technical or or-laws inquiry or the recite of a technical or or-laws inquiry example.[1][2] It potentiality as-well grasp recommendations and conclusions of the inquiry. Unlike other or-laws study, such as or-laws journals and the chronicles of some academic discussions, technical descriptions rarely bear general refractory co-ordinate resurvey antecedently promulgation. They may be considered as grey study. Where there is a resurvey mode, it is repeatedly scant to among the originating structure. Similarly, there are no sufficient promulgeing procedures for such descriptions, save where recurrent locally. Technical descriptions are today a superior fountain of or-laws and technical knowledge. They are alert for inside or rove arrangement by abundant structures, most of which bankruptcy the liberal editing and printing facilities of retail promulgeers. Technical descriptions are repeatedly alert for sponsors of inquiry projects. Another occurrence where a technical description may be performed is when past knowledge is performed for an academic pamphlet than is desirable or manageable to promulge in a co-ordinate-reviewed promulgation; examples of this grasp in-depth experimental details, concomitant results, or the fabric of a computer standard. Researchers may as-well promulge genesis in coming create as a technical description to institute novelty, outside having to halt for the repeatedly covet genesis schedules of academic journals. Technical descriptions are considered "non-archival" promulgations, and so are at-liberty to be promulgeed elsewhere in co-ordinate-reviewed venues after a while or outside qualification. Google Scholar Google Scholar is a at-libertyly undisguised web exploration engine that indexes the liberal extract or metapostulates of read study opposite an accoutre of promulgeing createats and disciplines. Released in beta in November 2004, the Google Scholar index grasps most co-ordinate-reviewed online academic journals and books, discussion pamphlets, theses and dissertations, preprints, abstracts, technical descriptions, and other read study, including pursue opinions and patents.[1] While Google does not promulge the extent of Google Scholar's postulatesbase, scientometric inquiryers revered it to hold roughly 389 favorite muniments including subscription, citations and patents making it the world's largest academic exploration engine in January 2018.[2] Previously, the extent was revered at 160 favorite muniments as of May 2014.[3] An precedent statistical revere promulgeed in PLOS ONE using a Mark and retake arrangement revered closely 80–90% coverage of all subscription promulgeed in English after a while an revere of 100 favorite.[4] This revere as-well determined how abundant muniments were at-libertyly helpful on the web. How to Write a Pamphlet in a Weekend (By Prof. Pete Carr) Power Point An Example Template         50 %1 of 2 themes entire Show postulates consideration for This chart displays the sum of entired themes versus the sum sum of themes among module Week 5..    List of Topics and Sub-Modules for Week 5        Reexploration Theme Selection     Subject: Inquiry Theme selection I feel separated ‘Computer-assisted Education’ as my inquiry theme for this assignment.       Reexploration Subscription  Assignment                Upload the URLs for the inquiry subscription you root that narrate to your select of a inquiry theme.  This is due by 9/29/19.  This may not be the terminal roll of subscription you conquer use for your technical description.  Keep looking for knowledge until the terminal description is submitted. File name:  LastName_First and Second