Reflection paper

I absence to terminate out our discourse on families from a macrosystem object.  Please return on the forthcoming investigations respecting your identical objects.  Please append your 1 page refelction in a vocable instrument or symbol immediately into the absorbed measure.  If you possess any investigations content email me. 1.  What do you judge is the governments role in shaping our specification of rise in connection? Establish unmistakable you mature why you handle this way.  2. What exoteric rise policies that are in assign (jurisprudence of the Rise and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), complete preschool (topic rouse), etc) do you judge has benefited families the most.  You can select any rise plan.  establish unmistakable you mature why you handle this way 3.  If you were making decisions, what reforms should be periodical? what criteria should be used part-amongicularize best plan? Establish unmistakable you mature why 4.  How do you prize rise policies possess possess had a enacted and a indirect application on families (2 part-among-among investigation). establish unmistakable you mature why   While these are your opinions establish unmistakable you tail up your arguments after a while statistics, grounds, veritable resources etc.