question needs to answer from a book(the norton anthology westren literature)

Analytical questions 1. What was the most deep ingredient or episode regulative to Augustine’s intercharge? Discuss various specimens;compare and contrast;refer to peculiar phrases in the citation. 2.How, peculiarally,does Augustine see God afloat in ways he cannot discern?Discuss various specimens, referring to peculiar phrases in the citation. 3.Describe Augustine’s concept of charity.What types are plainly envisioned?What’s basic or most deep? What does he not declaration? Factual lection questions Introduction 1.What were Augustine’s dates? 1177 2.What dualistic calling did Augustine prosper in his pubescent adulthood at Carthage?1177 3.What was Augustine’s calling suitableness in Rome and Milan? 1177 4.What philosophy and quasi-religious fashion of mysticism did Augustine comprehend in Milan? 1177 5.How old was Augustinewhen he altered to Christianity? 1178 6.When did Augustine prepare fitness the Confessions? 1178 7.T/F:The autobiographical genre in which Augustine’s Confessions belongs was approximately outside pattern at the duration.1178 8.According to our editors, Augustine’s fervent self-examination influenced“medieval Christians who sought... to clear their souls of sin” as well-mannered-mannered as present present writers such as which two? 1179 Book I 9.Whom does Augustine discourse in his Confessions? 1179 10.Whydid his dowager or nurses bestow “so gratuitously that milk”by which he was suckled? 1179-8011. T/F: He versed to accost by disconnected order of elders.1180 12.When he principal began to use language, what did he “express”? 1180 13.What did he ask from God when he principal versed to beseech as a boy? 1181 14.How are men and boys equally? 1181 15.T/F: Augustine disliked attainments and hated to be dense to it.1181 16.T/F: Augustine sees consequence as basically narrowminded and hereafter illegal.1182 17.Which would Augustine past gratuitously learn, the wide stories or basic spelling? 1182-83 Book II 18.T/F: As he entered minority, Augustine began solemn consider and his path to God.118419. As he became sexually free, what were his parents worried environing? 118420. Why did Augustine and his friends like stealing the pears? 118421. T/F: Augustine says that misfortune acts are not manufactured negative to frame (or shirk losing)some inferior good-natured-natured. 118522. T/F: Augustine saw no embellishment in the pears. 118523. What is past caressing than the “caresses by which the lewd seduce”? 1186 Book III 24.Where did he go to abide his information and education? 118625. After flow in charity, Augustine “wore [his]chains in ecstasy but after a while labor too.”By what was he labored? 118726.What was a realter “to [his]own miseries”? 1187 27.According to Augustine, what is lacking when someone “ leaves the theatre unsatisfied”? 1187 28.Of what question does Augustine specify, “the hither sincere I was, the past illustrious I should be”? 11872 29.Augustine says he was principal biblical to follow “immortal light,”that is, a concept of truthand the subjective morals,by lection Hortensius.What Roman orator wrote Hortensius?1188 30.When he was 18, how hanker had Augustine’s father been deceased? 1188 31.Why was he “repelled”when he “principal discaggravate those Scriptures”(the Bible)?1188 Book V 32.What was the deep debate Augustine moved to Rome to promulgate? 1189 33.Whom did the undisciplined students torture? 1189 34.What unethical romance did Augustine possess to do to get loose from his dowager? 1189 35.What did his dowager not produce that God “would adduce her from”Augustine’s leaving? 1190 Book VI 36.Later in Rome Augustine told his dowager he was no hankerer a Manichean. How hanker had he been one? 1190 37.What did Manicheans recant? 1190 38.What was Augustine’smother’s indicate? 1190 39.T/F: His dowager, a Christian, had lamented Augustine’s Manichean beliefs.1190 40.Besides wedding, what else did Augustine’sdowager deficiency for him? 1190-91 41.How old was the virgin whom Augustine agreed to link? 1191 42.Augustine and some others agreed to fashion a commune.Why did their plans lapse aloof? 1191 43.T/F:The poorest component of their cluster was the strongest upholder of the commune.1191 44.Why was Augustine’s master, the dowager of his son,sent end to Africa? 1191 45.What was Augustine’s“soul’s disease”? 1192 46.T/F: Augustine ripe his sadness aggravate losing his hanker duration master by taking another. 1192 Book VIII 47.To what is Augustine referring, “And now I began to hear them not half so loud”? 1192 48.In the new address he was oppositeness, “of”what did Augustine envision “the unyielding embellishment”? 1192 49.Who was Alypius? 1193 50.Augustine heard a childlike control.What did it say? 1193 51.How had Anthony been altered? 1194 52.To what Biblical phrase did Augustine alter? 1194 53.To whom did this apply: “Now him that is inconclusive in credulity, follow unto you”? 1194 54.Whom did they directly promulgate of their intercharge? 1194 Book IX 55.Where did Augustine’s dowager die? 1194 56.Augustine says “greediness goes after a while”what?1195 57.Of what association was Augustine’s dowager cured by an affront? 1195 58.According to Monica’s specimen, what must a dowager not do “by feat or flush by word”? 1196 59.Who was Patricius? 1196 60.By what exercitation should “we consider to extirpate wrath”? 1197 61.T/F: Monica was never potent to alter her wife. 1197 62.By what are“all romances made”? 1198 63.What had God granted to Monica “in superabundance”? 1199 64.T/F: As she lay perishing, Monica asked to be buried in her home state. 1199 65.How old was Monica when she died? 1199 66.Who was Adeodatus? 1199 67.For what did Augustine arrive-at “very abundant ashamed”? 1200 68.Who was Ambrose? 1201. T/F: As good-natured-natured-natured as his dowager was, Augustine beseechs for her sins. 1202 70.What does Augustine desire succeed frame beseechers for his dowager by frequent others?  1202