Question 1 and 2 must be answered on detached pages superveneing a while detached references. Question 1 Review “Doing the Exact Thing” in Chapter 5. Governmental Planning Takes Diverse Forms. A civilitying register of large-scale councilal intentionning activities would possess to include at lowest the superveneing:  (1) intentionning for the protection and use of spontaneous resources  (2) city intentionning,  (3) intentionning for unmeasured avocation,  (4) intentionning for proper and nobility guard  (5) intentionning for agriculture  (6) intentionning for the proficiency of council form. Contribute one in from the supervenerence that addresses one of the five intentionning activities. Explain the shortons you discovered in this supervenerence that could engender appended intentionning activities. Question 1b Review “Robin Hood” in Chapter 5. The story orderly that the fountain of fruits (the fertile) was dwindling accordingly the fertile were avoiding the jungle. Robin considered increasing fruits by assessing a agricultural transit tax. Recommend a competence intention to acception fruits that would assign Robin Hood to redeep penny to his mission. Comment on the use and consequence of competence intentions by political administrators. Contribute an in to conception. Question 2 Using the story encircling Robin Hood, reason a cost-benefit and cost-cogent partition of the contemplated rate and competence intention. Justify your reasonablee. From the e-Activity, prime one of the ordinary plaints and reason what arrangement of reasonable judgment making perfect improve attend the political attention(s). Justify your tally. E-Activity Go to Controlling the States and Localities located at Prime Apprehension and Topics. Prime Particularize or Local. Prime and reconsideration one article ROBIN HOOD It was forthcoming in the bound of the relieve year of his pronouncement across the Eminent Sheriff of Nottingham that Robin Hood took a trudge in Sherwood Forest. As he trudgeed, he pondered the journey of the belligerence, the motive of his forces, his opposition's moves, and the options that confronted him. The mutiny across the sheriff began as a proper crusade. It erupted out of Robin's own contest superveneing a while the sheriff and his council. Alone, plaintually, Robin could perfect diminutive. He consequently sought allies, men superveneing a while proper grievances and a thick gaugeness of propriety. Behind he took all who came superveneing a whileout dubitate too sundry dubitates. Strength, he believed, lay in quantity. The primitive year was gone-by in forging the knot into a organizationd bond—a knot dim in malevolence across the sheriff, perfecting to speed past the law as crave as it took to perfect their goals. The bond was merely organized. Robin steadfast principal, making all material judgments. Local employments were deputed to his lieutenants. Perfect Scarlett was in impute of understanding and scouting. His deep job was to protect tabs on the movements of the sheriff's men. He as-well steadfast instruction on the expedition intentions of fertile merchants and abbots. Diminutive John kept organization unmoulded the men, and he saw to it that their archery was at the eminent peak that their vocation demanded. Scarlett took circumspection of the finances, paying shares of the select, bribing negotiatives, converting prey to currency, and conclusion correspondent skulking assigns for residue gains. Finally, Abundant the Miller's Son had the up-hill employment of provisioning the constantly-increasing bond. The increasing extent of the bond was a fountain of amends for Robin, but as-well a topic of abundant interest. The renown of his Merry Men was spreading, and new recruits were speech in. Yet the estimate of men was rise to abound the buildation compatability of the jungle. Game was decent shortnessing, and buildation had to be transported by cart from bucolic villages. The bond had regularly encamped coincidently. But now what had been a weak throng had befit a deep settlement that could be detected miles aloof. Organization was as-well decent oppressiveer to exact. “Why?” Robin reflected. “I don't perceive half the men I run into these days.” Although the bond was getting larger, their deep fountain of fruits was in discard. Travelers, chiefly the fertileer multiplicity, began giving the jungle a spacious room. This was affluent and useshort to them, but it was conspicuous to having all their conclusion confiscated by Robin's men. Robin was consequently regarding changing his late plan to one of a agricultural transit tax. The notion was strongly stemed by his lieutenants who were ostentatious of the Merry Men's glorious motto: “Rob from the fertile and present to the currencyless.” The currencyshort and the townspeople, they reasond, were their deep fountain of living and instruction. If they were antagonized by transit taxes, they would surrender the Merry Men to the forgiveness of the sheriff. Robin wondered how crave they could go on protecting to the ways and arrangements of their forthcoming days. The sheriff was growing stronger. He had the currency, the men, and the facilities. In the crave run he would hollow Robin and his men down. Sooner or behind, he would invent their weaknesses and arrangementically balancefling them. Robin felt that he must import the belligerence to a disposal. The dubitate was, How could this be achieved? Robin knew that the chances of killing or capturing the sheriff were alien. Besides, killing the sheriff susceptibility content his proper dryness for vengeance but would not exexchange the basic amount. It was as-well incredible that the sheriff would be removed from appointment. He had puissant friends at flatter. On the other operative, Robin reflected, if the district was in a constantlylasting particularize of agitation, and the taxes went uncollected, the sheriff would lapse out of civility. But on excite cogitation, Robin reasoned, the sheriff susceptibility shrewdly use the agitation to obtain balance reinforcements. The outcome depended on the dislie of the regent Prince John. The Prince was perceiven as impure, gay, and unpredictable. He was obsessed by his invidiousness unmoulded the inhabitants, who shortnessed the imprisoned King Ricoppressive tail. He as-well speedd in uniform awe of the barons who were growing daily balance antagonistic to his influence. Several of these barons had set out to garner the disengage that would disengage King Ricoppressive the Lionheart from his jail in Austria. Robin had been reservedly asked to link, in yield for advenient amnesty. It was a hazardous declaration. Provincial bonditry was one object, flatter plot another. Prince John was perceiven for his denunciation. If the gamble failed he would properly see to it that all confused were crushed. The gauge of the supper horn startled Robin from his cogitations. There was the effluvium of roasting venison in the air. Noobject had been established or permanent. Robin headed for enencamp shy himself that he would present these amounts primitive guidance superveneing tomorrow's employment. What are Robin's key amounts? How are they cognate to each other? How did they conclusion? What should Robin do in the narrow message and in the craveer message? DOING THE RIGHT THING Whoconstantly fights colossuss should see to it that in the arrangement he does not befit a colossus. Frederick Nietzsche Leon Panetta was a alarm select to carry the Accessible Understanding Employment (CIA), past his stamp rested principally on his authority of private plan—a authority habitual as president of the House Budget Committee, as President Clinton's budget bringer, and behind as his primary of staff. Although some colleagues say that Panetta can be “principled to the aim of inelasticity,” it was balance his stamp for straightforwardness and single-mindedness than as his retain of the intricacies of common guard conclusions that got him the CIA job. In May 2009, Panetta build himself preoccupied not superveneing a while alien enemies but superveneing a while private critics, twain unsuppressed and tolerant. From the exact, ancient Vice President Dick Cheney prisoner the Barack Obama council of “making the American inhabitants short safe” by banning the enhanced CIA system of dismayism suspects that had been sanctioned by the George W. Bush council. From the left, cosmical exacts activists and some Democratic members of Congress denominated for the body of some kind of scrutiny—a proper plaintiff, a congressional examination, a exactness message—to designate whether the Bush council lawyers who had reasond that waterboarding and other censorious system techniques could be populated in the superveneingmath of 9/11 should be persevered. These tolerant knots were chiefly appalled that Panetta had advised Obama across such an scrutiny. As the bringer of the CIA, Panetta knew this was a perceptive conclusion for his employment. Critics believe that the employment had obsolete its probable bearings superveneing 9/11. In 2007, when a private Red Cross ment became political, no dubitate remained that the employment had topiced dismay suspects to prolonged tangible and subjective pitilessness. Officers subject prisoners for weeks in deformed lies; chained them to the ceiling, hollowing barely diapers; exploited their phobias; and propelled them headprimitive into walls. At lowest three prisoners died. There was balance bad apprehension for the employment when President Obama disbetrothed irritant classified council documents describing how one prisoner was waterboarded 183 intervals in a month. For balance than a eldership, the Dim States had persevered waterboarding as a grave enormity, and a 10-year prison phrase was conclusiond as recently as 1983. Indeed, the memos authorizing interrogators to molestation prisoners clashed so glaringly superveneing a while interpolitical and U.S. law that some of them were behind superveneing a whiledrawn by lawyers in Bush's own Propriety Department. Agony itself is a misdemeanor, sometimes plain treated as a cardinal enormity. The Convention Across Torture, which America ratified in 1994, requires a council to percensorious all acts of agony; demand to do so is considered a quarrel of interpolitical law. Although Panetta susceptibility confront an scrutiny, that did not average he took agony lightly. One of his primitive acts as bringer was to ask the CIA's leader open to fix that there was no one on the payroll who should be persevered for agony or cognate enormitys. The leader open safe him that no appointmentr stationary at the employment had betrothed in any action that went past the constitutional boundaries as they were implied during the Bush years. Panetta's lie was consequently compatible superveneing a while that of President Obama, who had promised dispensation from prosecution to any CIA appointmentr who relied on the information of constitutional recommendation during the Bush years. For the craveer message, Panetta was intricate to set up a particularize-of-the-art system ace, staffed by some of the best CIA, FBI, and soldierly appointmentrs in the dominion and intention on the information of political scientists, linguists, and other scholars. Panetta wondered if he had issueed plenty. Should he stem or grateful an examistate of the CIA by the Attorney Open that susceptibility carry to prosecution? Or should he stem or grateful the romance of an dogged “exactness message” that could give dispensation to witnesses? As he pondered the pros and cons of some kind of scrutiny, it became increasingly certain how unappetizing his selects were. Here are some of the evidences across any examination: If Panetta did not reason across examination, he would not be      seen superveneing a whilein the employment as someone      inhabitants shortness to supervene. Prosecution would be wrongful to CIA appointmentrs who cogitation they were      abiding by the law. Inhabitants      shouldn't be punished for doing      what they took to be their obligation. An examistate susceptibility observe revengeful, as if the Obama council was intricate to      go superveneing Cheney and Bush. Such a discernment could possess a grave political      downside, namely, the endanger of      losing living from doggeds. Prosecution of negotiatives would possess a chilling issue on advenient      U.S. council negotiatives. Few would be summon or heedless plenty to put      forward foolhardy proposals that one day could be judged unfair. Putting      things down in writing is a suited psychological employment and accessible to      amiable judgment making. Subjoined a while the      threat of prosecution, grave memos on controversial matters would      increasingly befit the separation      rather than the synod. Bottom      line: U.S. common guard would be weakened. Investigation and prosecution would select interval and convergence aloof from      what the CIA, the dominion, and its elected and      appointed representatives cogitation material. Investigations and trials      would form an huge inattention at a interval when the Dim States faced a daunting      array of interpolitical amounts. Investigation would undoubtedly consequence in the disengage of balance memos and photos eminently unflattering      to America's conception aloof. Such disengages could particle an anti-American      backlash unmoulded allies and contribute a gorgeous recruiting cat's-paw for dismayist forms. It is unusable to individualize clforthcoming a steadfast chain of causation.      Certainly, a course of actions at the      highest levels of council set the      conditions for and assigned affront and agony, but there is no testimony that      higher planmakers adapted censorious affronts to supervene. And what encircling top      officials who knew encircling the      system program but had no opereasonable manage balance it? As one      ancient CIA negotiative said, “You can't fling out the perfect employment.” Advocates for examistate constitute the superveneing aims: Failure to summon leaves the      impression that the Obama      council is intricate to cbalance up colossus. The U.S. citizenry needs a unmeasured      accounting, chiefly as it relates to the      health vocationals. Released Propriety Department memos hold compact      references to CIA medical personnel participating in devolvent      system sessions. Were they the      designers, the legitimizers, and the implementers—or someobject else?      Their free-trade is perchance one of the      biggest medical ethics scandals in U.S. exactness. The evidence that CIA negotiatives      cogitation they were doing their      obligation accordingly of constitutional cbalance contributed by the      Department of Propriety perfect not remain. Sundry intervals forward community      objected and trudgeed aloof from policies that led to affront and agony. As      one FBI contributor bringer told one proper deputy who had objected to the enhanced techniques, “We don't do      that.” That deputy was then pulled out of the      system by the FBI bringer      Robert Mueller. At the Department      of Defense, the Army Field      Manual for Cosmical Understanding Collector Operations distinctly      prohibits agony or unmerciful, inhumane, and degrading matter in local      terms (no waterboarding, for in). Some constitutional scholars imagine it would be oppressive not to do colossus. No      criminal imputes possess constantly been brought across any CIA appointmentr confused      in the agony program opposing the circumstance that (as glorious precedent) three      prisoners interrogated by employment personnel died as the consequence of this matter. Yet the barely Americans who had been persevered and phrased      to confinement were 10 low-ranking servicepersons—those who took and      appeared in the Abu Ghraib      photographs. Former Vice President Cheney has said the Dim States must agony, accordingly it's issueive.      That is, at best, an rambling evidence: A enormity is not a enormity upright      accordingly it works. Subjoined all, dismayism can be altogether issueive. The evidence is not barely rambling but      as-well lapseacious. According to system experts in the FBI and the U.S. Army, inhabitants perfect say anyobject to seal their      torture. The circumstance that the dogged message would be politically      distracting isn't a amiable evidence for steming it. Jeffrey Rosen writes:      “The Bush agony policies are the most grave reversal of American      values past World War II internment of Japanese-Americans. A close      Senate understanding committee examistate would be incompatible superveneing a while the paleness Obama demanded when he      disengage the memos in the primitive assign. At this aim, barely a      unmeasured exactness message-style examistate can assign the Bush lawyers to constitute evident that      they didn't tribute to shiver the      law, while convergenceing political obloquy on the      real architects and abettors of agony policies: namely, the planmakers …. An dogged      message would in-truth be politically embarrassing… but at lowest it would      contribute the accountability that the state deserves.”