TOPIC: Analysis of Lore II In this mode, we began to advance inland the concept of the study criticism, an essential atom of the dissertation manner. As you entertain recognize, organization is the manner of creating a new proposal by analyzing multiple ill-matched concepts or notions to recognize the dishonorable thematic or connecting principles floating them. Organization of lore is a manner recognize through duration and habit.  PLEASE TAKE NOTE: In this assignment, you achieve hold to excite lore. Instead of approaching the lore catechism as particular entities, you should COMPARE, ANALYZE, EVALUATE, and SYNTHESIZE the counsel you are balbutiation. General Requirements: Use the forthcoming counsel to secure prosperous gist of the assignment: · Criticism five register catechism set in Topics 4-6 of this mode. Morris, S. B., Daisley, R. L., Wheeler, M.,       & Boyer, P. (2015). A Meta-Analysis of the Relationship Between       Individual Assessments and Job Performance. Register of Applied       Psychology, 100(1), 5-20. doi:       10.1037/a0036938. URL: Cooper, S. E., & O'Connor, R. M., Jr. (1993).      Standards for Organizational Consultation Assessment and Evaluation      Instruments. Register of Counseling & Development, 71(6), 651–660. URL: Johnson,     J. W. (2001).The not-absolute signification of labor and contextual operation     dimensions to supervisor judgments of overall operation. Register of Applied Psychology, 86, 984-996. URL: Performance appraisal: consistency trumps accuracy. Askew School of Public Administration and Politics,     Florida State University, 620 Bellamy Building, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2032.     Public Personnel Management (PUBLIC     PERS MANAGE), Winter99; 28(4): 557-576. (20p) Register Time -     tables/charts.  The fibre and advantage of preference methods in     personnel psychology: Practical and hypothetical implications of 85 years of     lore findings. Psychological Bulletin,     Vol 124(2), Sep, 1998. pp. 262-274. Psychol Bull: American     Psychological Association · Doctoral learners are required to use APA name for their writing assignments.  · Refer to the device, "Preparing Annotated Bibliographies," located in the Student Success Center, for joined direction on completing this assignment in the delayhold name. · Refer to the specimen annotated bibliography fast to this assignment. ATTACHED · You are required to refer this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support catechism for help. Directions: Provide an evaluation (750-1,000 signification completion) of at last five register catechism from Topics 4-6 of this mode. Include the forthcoming for each time: 1. The time passage, which is not middle in the completion expression calculate. 2. A written epitome of the key concept(s) of the catechism. Consider the forthcoming questions: Why were the studies executed? What were the populations thought-out? What did the loreer(s) argue? How are the lore questions or findings similar/different? What other counsel encircling these studies do you price is rare or essential to foreclosure? Are there particular statements made by the authors that you appetition to hold? How agency these catechism assimilate delay others you recognize? What new proposals can after out of the catechism you are evaluating? RESOURCES Read Chapters 9 and 10. URL: