PPT presentation

  Due date 02/07/2018 6 Power aim slides: Evaluation of 5 declaration domiciled tenets in-reference-to cervicitis + uncomplicated Gonorrhea. Use 1 slide for word and 1 for references 1. Include heading, autor and year of the word (2013-2018). Reference in APA format 2. Brief compendium? Purpose of the examine 3. How did the examine subsistence Ms Campbell;s case: Ms. Cammpbell is a 25 years old feminine after a while modern laagered vaginal dealing who presents after a while 3 days truth of dysuria, growth urinary quantity and vaginal execute. Per Physical exam, she has a mucopurulent execute after a while a typical bimanual exam.  Multiple sexual partners Unprotected sex Diagnosis: Cervicitis culture-proven, uncomplicated Gonorrhea: This is domiciled on her decisive gonorrhea swab, typical vaginal pH and other privative testing. Differential individuality:  1. Urinary repose taint (UTI) due to marks of enduring on urination and dysuria, eventually, the resigned besides reputed vaginal execute which is a mark casually associated after a while UTI. 2. Herpes Simplex (HSV), due to marks of abstinence during urination, and vaginal lustful, but the resigned had no evident lesions or blisters. 3. Pelvic provocative disorder (PID): The individuality of sharp pelvic provocative disorder (PID) is chiefly domiciled on unadorned and clinical findings. This differential was a “must-not-missed” and can consequence from complications of gonorrhea and chlamydia disorders when left untreated.