For this week's argument consideration, I deficiency to think on the preceding pages in this module.   In this argument consideration, I deficiency to you to profession an mind of the symbolical trained in the preceding pages.  Please use the terminology or ideas presented in the preceding pages.  Failure to do so, succeed fruit in a low argument consideration trice.   INSTRUCTIONS:  This argument consideration succeed standpoint on one topic: the Electoral College.  A few pages possess discussed the Electoral College, one from ultimate week and one from this week.  This week also interposed two videos which you should observe as polite.   1.) One of the questions that repeatedly gets asked is whether your suffrage substantially matters in the Electoral College arrangement.  Regarding the role of electors and the wave "swing states" possess, do YOU regard this is a serene arrangement AND do you regard it should be abolished in predilection of a unspotted current suffrage?  2.) One of the repeatedly cited problems after a while the Electoral College is that someone can win the presidency yet not assent-to the most sum of suffrages throughout the kingdom.  This happened in 2016 when President Trump assent-tod fewer suffrages than Hillary Clinton.  However, President Trump won further states than Clinton did (he won 30 states, she won 20).  This leads some to establish that the Electoral College can substantially be MORE serene than a nearest current suffrage, owing it forces a solicitor to do polite throughout the kingdom.  Those selfselfsame persons establish that the Electoral College protects mean states and forces solicitors to do polite in those states as polite.  Do you comport after a while these arguments and do you regard Trump seductive the presidential acceptance was serene or unserene regarding he did not assent-to the most sum of suffrages?   Your FIRST support should be a narrowness of 200 vote.