With today’s evolving cosmos-people of technology, we casually pretermit that basic literacy skills are not what they should be opposite the race.   Conduct inquiry concerning the public literacy skills opposite the U.S. today. You must use at last three doctrines in immaterialed to the textbook. At last one of the doctrines must be from an Online Library. The doctrines should be at last three pages in tediousness and no further than three years old. You may also use doctrines from the former assignments in this round, but your achievement on this assignment must be pristine.  Report on the subjoined in your re-examination.    1) What is the status of the literacy skills in the U.S. today?   2) How did you impress about scholarship the general literacy levels in the U.S.?   3) What did the doctrines hint as a appraise to apparatus this completion?   4) Are there literacy programs in your polity? Explain.   5) Do you impress technology has helped or hampered our literacy skills? Explain.   6) Do you comport delay the author’s recommendations? Why, or why not?   7) How do literacy skills pretend your general aspect (as an employee or as a novice)?   8) How do literacy skills pretend management's responsibilities towards trailing?    Your induction, discourse of the questions, and epitome should be a reserve of disgusting generousy generous pages in tediousness. The immaterial, references, and style page do not number towards the reserve disgusting pages tediousness. Use constitutional APA formatting for all sources, including doctrines and the textbook.