philosophical writing

Explain how the Yin-Yang way of thinking (the Yin-Yang design of how to behold at contraries) concomitantly after a time the Hegelian design can aid you behold at the homogeneity among unapprove wayes (focusing on two delegated-to-others ones) to treating one of the two late greater gregarious consequences (either the COVID-19 consequence or the George Floyd consequence) as the consequence subordinateneathneath your criterion. Required steps/contents and hints: (1) Little offer greater summits of the Yin-Yang design, unlikely its unapprove sharp features in contrariety to the unapprove sharp features of the Hegelian design (to-boot little offered), as they are precise and clear-uped in this collocate. [1.5 pages of the primitive rendering in a terse way time avoiding inappropriate or superfluous remarks] (2) Little identify <1> the consequence of the COVID-19 consequence or the consequence of the George Floyd consequence after a time its unapprove sides subordinateneathneath your criterion; <2>  little clear-up two unapprove wayes to the consequence subordinateneathneath your criterion: <2.1> little offer each of the two unapprove wayes (for in, if focusing on the COVID-19 consequence, the “sheltering-in-place” way and the “working-without-lockdown” way); <2.2> see each way’s “perspective” size (i.e., its own agoing perspective itself summiting to some side of the consequence) from its “guiding-principle” size (i.e., its usual situation inside the homogeneity among its own perspective and the other perspective from the other way, courteous or illmatched); <2.3> constitute unquestioning whether the agoing perspectives per se of the two wayes are “eligible” (i.e., they do respectively summit to and capture some unapprove sides of the consequence) and thus complementary to each other for the purpose of a further finished subordinateneathstanding of the consequence, whether their associated forcible motives are courteous or illmatched. [1.5 pages of the primitive rendering] Note: for those conceptual/explanatory media approve the unapprove among methodological perspective and forcible motive, the unapprove among “eligible” and “ineligible” perspectives, and the unlikeion among “adequate” and “inadequate” forcible motives, see the Nursing Dissertation melodys for the 2nd cabinet (6/3) and 8th cabinets (6/17) and Reading 1.] (3) Apply the Yin-Yang design concomitantly after a time the Hegelian design to your segregation of how (as an “adequate” forcible motive) you should courteously behold at the homogeneity among the “perspective” sizes of the two wayes (whether and how these unapprove perspectives are “eligible”, and, if yes, how they can be thus complementary and jointly co-operate to your subordinateneathstanding and tenor of the consequence subordinateneathneath criterion in a further finished and holistic way), in judgment of some (one or two) of the suggested disgusting “adequacy” provisions for how to maintain courteous methodological forcible motives in bearing connections to behold at unapprove wayes as precise in the instructor’s control Nursing Dissertation melody on such “courteous provisions” for the 8th cabinet (6/17) (to-boot see Part 3 of Reading 1). [minimally 1 page – up to 2 pages of the primitive rendering]