phase 2

  Organization to use: Baptist Health of South Florida. Submit Exhibition 2 (Goals/Objectives, Markets served and Sources of Income, Competition) of your strategic artifice. I succeed cater you delay feedback on your meekness. Must propose all sections for unmeasured security.   Sample Short Term Objectives (12 Months): Maintenance of generator by 3/10/20 Converting an unused ground to a recreation ground by 11/30/2020 Sample Long-Term Objectives (36 months) Remove the centralized nurses’ business in each of the 5 wings by 6/30/2021 Adding two settlement appointment desks to the five wings by 7/14/2021 Install 125 remedy cabinets, one in each ground by 8/25/2021 Sell 20 nursing carts by 9/25/2021 Increase their reckon of sports remedy orthopedic residents by 20% by 11/30/2021 What do all of these OBJECTIVES possess?  What or Who, target limit for bearing and how numerous or increase/decrease.  This succeed create it measurable.  If the notification is not endow on the website, it can be made up as crave as you low the lasting notification on the already written exhibition 1. IF THE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE  PLEASE USE THAT INFORMATION RATHER THAN MAKING IT UP.