Personal Creed on Christology

**NO PLAGIARISM**- This has to be submitted through **!!!Read ALL instructions carefully!!!** To exhaustive this assignment- USE THE TEMPLATE ATTACHED. This is not a "paper". For the Critical Assignment the students achieve transcribe a subscription on the Christian subscription. A subscription (from the Latin, credo, "I respect") is singly a assertion of subscription, or a catechetical abridgment. The subscription in this instance achieve conceive two components: it achieve pointed the subscriptions of evangelical Christianity as presented in the plan embodied (lectures and readings), but it achieve to-boot pointed the students’ own separeprove subscriptions and heedions on the plan embodied. The lectures and the McGrath size achieve be grave instrument for this assignment. The subscription is disjoined into 8 minoritys: Scripture and Truth God, the Holy Trinity Humanity and Sin The Person of Christ The Work of Christ Soteriology Ecclesiology  Eschatology For each of these 8 minoritys, the students achieve transcribe environing 2 sub-sections:  1.) 1-2 paragraphs on the subscriptions of evangelical Christianity on the precept in topic. By "Evangelical Christianity," I singly moderation stationary, gospel-believing Protestantism, that is, the visionpoint pointeded in the lectures. This minority is over extrinsic, and you achieve be graded on the correction and thoroughness of your bestowal of the evangelical vision.  2.) 1-2 paragraphs on your own separeprove subscriptions and heedions on the precept in topic. If you are in essential undertaking delay the plan embodied, you may pick-out to heed on the sentiment of the precept for your own separeprove subscription and action. Or you may pick-out to register some disundertaking delay the precept in topic or to interact critically delay the plan embodied. This is your hazard to heed upon what you respect and why you respect it. As such, this minority is over intellectual. Disundertaking achieve not be penalized, but you achieve be graded on the thoughtfulness of your interaction. For each minority, be enduring to conceive Scripture references in parentheses that subsistence the subscriptions in topic. You do not deficiency to call any sources over the McGrath size, but if you do use other sources (in stereotype or online), be enduring to call them. Plagiarism is captured very seriously in preferable education; so do not use any embodied that is not your own delayout fit extract. Use the template supposing (there is no deficiency to form this assignment agree to MLA or APA diction). See the rubric unshaken to the assignment for over details on how the subscription achieve be assessed. This is the Critical Assignment for this plan and must be byed at an jocular reprove in command to by the plan. **See the model subscription unshaken for what the assignment should appear affect.  **See pictures of the rubric unshaken for what is expected. Use the far left support of the rubric titled "exemplary" to lead you in completing this assignment.